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March 4, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Republic of Singapore

Q. You're at 9-under, what was the key?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think I stayed very consistent this week. Well, last week I started pretty well, and then I struggled on the weekend. So this week, I thought about it and I'm like, oh, maybe I'm trying to win like too badly. Maybe I'll just take it easy again and play my game and stick with my game plan. It was a bogey-free round again. I didn't make too many birdies, but I think the birdies will come tomorrow.

Q. How do you attack this golf course tomorrow, knowing that you're a couple shots back right now?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I mean, this golf course is set up for a lot of birdie chances, even eagle chances. I mean, if I bring out my A Game, I think I might be able to shoot a pretty low score any ways.

I've been telling the media, I have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, so Plan A is try to knock them close and then give myself birdie chances and then try to make birdies. And Plan B is when I'm not hitting balls very close to the pins, then I try to make a lot of putts -- no, Plan B is actually knock it closer to the hole, sorry, that was my bad, and then tap-ins. Of course I can make those. Then Plan C is when I can't putt and I can't hit, then Plan C is to chip them in. So I'll see tomorrow which plan I'm using.

Q. Another rain delay. What do you do to keep yourself busy? We've had a few in the past couple weeks.
SHANSHAN FENG: I mean, I try to kind of relax. Like today was a short break. Just had lunch. It was short. I didn't feel anything. I thought it was just a lunch break.

Q. Does your mind-set change at all during any of those, especially since we've been having a few?
SHANSHAN FENG: Not really. Last week was a little tougher because the weather was really hot. But this week, the weather has been great so far. And I think it's fine.

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