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March 3, 2017

Teri Moren

Alexis Gassion

Tyra Buss

Indianapolis, Indiana

Purdue - 66, Indiana - 60

THE MODERATOR: Indiana has joined us with Coach Moren and student-athletes Alexis Gassion and Tyra Buss.

COACH MOREN: We're very disappointed. Thought we really played well in that first half. But the start of the that third quarter, with six turnovers in the first five minutes of the game. And we had 11 turnovers and Purdue capitalizing, scoring 14 points off those turnovers. Just never could get in rhythm offensively.

I thought they just really hurt us in transition defense. And there were a couple of set plays where they scored, but most of their scoring came throughout transition. And then we switched up what we were trying to do defensively and we just had some game slippage down the stretch and gave up some easy 3s to their best shooters.

And so give Purdue credit. Don't want to take anything away from them. I thought they battled back. But we got great looks. We just didn't capitalize. We turned it over too much. The game was ours to go get and we didn't complete the task.

Q. They switched 1 through 4 in the second half to prevent you guys from penetrating into the lane. Did you notice that or was it something about their defensive intensity? What was different about them in the second half?
TYRA BUSS: I think we just were careless with the ball in the second half, especially the start of the third quarter. We just didn't come out with the energy we had in the first half. But I could definitely tell they were switching 1 through 4 and we just didn't find open players.

Q. Tyra, you had 14 first half points. What was working in the first half? And the second half was it just their defense, did it hurt you in the second half?
TYRA BUSS: We were just moving the ball a lot. I was just trying to move away from the defense and whoever was flashing middle we knew that their zone we would get a lot of post touches especially flashing in the middle with either Amanda or Lex especially, but they just did a good job of looking opposite and finding me on kick-outs.

Q. Lex, in the second half seemed like they were going inside/out and finding open 3s. Could you have thrown anything different at them to kind of slow that down?
ALEXIS GASSION: For sure. Personally myself I kind of got stuck helping in too far instead of stunting more, so I think that's something I could have changed.

Q. Coach Versyp was talking about switching 1 through 4. There's offensive adjustments you guys tried to make once you see that --
COACH MOREN: We just didn't hit shots. We really didn't. We had great looks. The third quarter -- I'm getting all -- we shoot 12 percent. We're 2-for-17. We got the shots; we just didn't hit them. And that's the frustrating thing.

They got us out of rhythm. I don't want to take anything away from what they did defensively. That's why they're at the top of the league defensively in the Big Ten. I don't want to take anything away from that.

But we just, we didn't hit shots. And that third quarter really hurt us. And then we gave them confidence because at the beginning of the third quarter -- we just got done talking as a staff -- it was like we would miss, they would go down and miss, we would miss, they would go down and miss. That's how it got started.

We never capitalized and took advantage of them missing. We continued to miss unlike the first half. And then I thought again their transition, you know, anytime you give up a transition 3 to Morrissette, that's a problem. You don't know that Oden goes, what, 4-for-8 from the three-point line, or 5-for-8 down the stretch there, and you leave her wide open in the corner.

There's no excuse for that other than we blew some of our coverages. And maybe that's Lex saying that she was overhelping a little bit too much. But to me you have to have a feel for the game. And Morrissette and Oden were proven scorers today in the second half. We didn't have to wonder if they could sit out there and hit 3s. They did it. And we didn't adjust ourselves defensively individually.

Q. When you're not hitting shots, I know you like to get to the free-throw line, you were 7-of-7 --
COACH MOREN: We tried. We tried to get to the basket and tried to draw contact. One of -- our emphasis was on knowing that Harris, McBryde, they want to block shots, and Nora Kiesler. And so the game plan was to continue to attack and try to get to the free-throw line. It's just that we didn't get any calls, you know. But I didn't think our kids stopped being aggressive. It's just things didn't go our way.

Q. You seemed like (indiscernible) in the second half 20 seconds of dribbling. Was it a matter of just them throwing the weird looks?
COACH MOREN: We got out of sync. We really did. We were making play calls on the sideline over there, and there were times that we were doing things that they're not in our sets. And it led to us looked like we were dribbling around and low shot clock, and Tyra trying to have to go make a play.

And so we'll have to go back. I can't specifically tell you what went wrong with us offensively. But we were not -- we got out of sync.

We stopped doing the things that -- and again we forced them to get out of their zone, too. So they played us more man. And then Jenn, I thought she got great looks on the inside, but she either turned it over with her traveling or she got called for charges, a couple of charges there. But clearly out of sync in the second half offensively.

Q. The same question last year, do you think you've done enough to make the NCAA Tournament?
COACH MOREN: Again, you never want to -- I don't know. I hope. I think that we went out intentionally, we've scheduled people. We haven't had a bad loss other than Nebraska, I guess, if you consider that a bad loss.

I'll say this: The Big Ten is a really dang good conference and it doesn't get the respect it deserves. You've heard me say that on numerous occasions. So we got beat by a really good team today in the Big Ten. And there's 14 of them. And on any given night you can go whether you're home or away it doesn't matter.

If you're not ready to play you're going to get beat. It's real easy and again there's a lot of conferences out there that aren't like that. You can show up and play average and still win. You can't do that in this league. I personally think we've done enough. We've got a veteran team. Obviously we had some success last yearly being in that thing. So I would like to think that 20 wins in a really good conference, 10-6, getting the double bye here this afternoon, on paper looks good, I think.


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