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March 3, 2017

Shanshan Feng

Republic of Singapore

Q. Very nice 4-under today. Please tell us about it.
SHANSHAN FENG: I think overall, I did have a good round today and very consistent. I didn't make any bogeys. I had many birdies chances and I made four, so 4-under was a pretty good round.

Q. When we sat down a couple of days ago, you said that you have various plans, Plan A, Plan B, various course conditions. Which plan did you use today?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, of course we always go for Plan A first and if Plan A is not working then we go to Plan B and then to Plan C. But I think Plan A was working. Yeah, I was hitting the balls much better than last week and I left myself many birdie chances.

Q. Did you find that you could attack the pins a little bit more than yesterday?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I would say, because it rained, like a few times for a short time. So the greens were a little bit softer, yeah, compared to yesterday.

Q. You're very well positioned going into the weekend. Tell us what your game plan to be.
SHANSHAN FENG: Plan A. You know that, right? Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. I think it's only my second tournament this year, and I'm just warming up, so keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. Can you just talk through a couple of your birdie holes?
SHANSHAN FENG: First one was the fifth hole, par five. I hit it two on and pin-high. It was like maybe 20 feet, and I 2-putted for birdie.

And then I had a very good run from 10 to 13. I made three birdies there. So birdied 10 for maybe 15 feet and then 11 was maybe eight feet. Then 13, maybe 12 feet.

Q. So really key was the putter today?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, I putt better than yesterday. I'm reading the greens a little better.

Q. What did you do over Christmas? Did you have a break from golf, not so much practice?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, last year I played up to almost Christmastime. So Christmas I just got home and didn't do much. For me, it doesn't matter what day it is. If I'm off, then it's holiday.

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