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March 2, 2017

Marlene Stollings

Carlie Wagner

Kenisha Bell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Minnesota - 70, Penn State - 64

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Minnesota. Coach Stollings, we'll ask you to make an opening statement then we'll go to questions for the students.

COACH STOLLINGS: We have a lot of people in here because it's their first time at the Big Ten Tournament, so we wanted them to see what this is like. I'll say it's -- really proud of this team for how they battled the entire time and a pretty physical game. I thought we handled the physicality very well.

A very talented Penn State team on a great run, great momentum coming into the tournament. Most proud of us forcing 18 turnovers and what we did with those turnovers. We're coming off a game at Maryland where we forced 21 but we didn't do anything on the offensive end of the ball. Tonight with those 18 turnovers we scored 23 points which is a huge key in the game.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the students.

Q. Carlie, in the fourth quarter you guys held Penn State without a field goal for about just five minutes roughly. Defensively what was especially working in that stretch for you guys?
CARLIE WAGNER: We just knew we had to sit down and play defense and stop dribble penetration down the middle because that's what was really hurting us. I thought we did a lot better job the fourth quarter, coming out and sitting down and playing defense, not letting them get to the basket so easy.

Q. Carlie, you've been here and what did you try to tell some of your teammates about this atmosphere and this stage?
CARLIE WAGNER: There's nothing like it. This is March Madness now. This is so much fun. This is what we work for all year. And to be here is just so exciting. It's amazing. It's an experience that you'll never forget.

Q. Kenisha, in the fourth quarter and the first quarter your offense was really good. What stands out when you guys were clicking offensively, because in that second quarter there you kind of stagnated a little bit?
KENISHA BELL: I think moving the ball with pace helped us a lot because at first we kind of were playing casual, going through the offensive sets, without being a threat. And then the fourth quarter we just talked about that and had to pick up the intensity.

Q. I don't see you guys play, but after the halftime you guys came out with five or six minutes to go and had about five or six players shooting up shots in a hurry. Is that normal or something special you wanted to do today?
COACH STOLLINGS: It's not special. We always try to get out from halftime and get a lot of shots out. But we came out a couple minutes early because we haven't been on this court or we had not been on this court prior to the game pretty much. So you know we want our shooters to get out there and be able to see the basket and to be able to get on that end because we had not been on that end of the floor at all.

Q. Page with them obviously had 35. You really held everything else in check. Were you somewhat content to some degree with her getting points but holding everyone else in check?
COACH STOLLINGS: She's a special player. And she hit some tough shots. But then she also got away from us some. So we mixed up into a box and one to try to cool her off a little bit. But she's a phenomenal player and had a great game for them. But what we did very well was not let another player, as you alluded to, go off on us. So it's hard to get beat by one player. And I thought we did a good job containing the rest of their team.


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