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March 2, 2017

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke

Asiah Jones

Aliyah Mazyck

Seattle, Washington

Cal - 71, USC - 58

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the 2017 Pac 12 Conference Women's Basketball Tournament. We are streaming live today on the Facebook Pac 12 page.

Coach, an opening statement and then questions.

CYNTHIA COOPER-DYKE: I want to first thank our seniors. Jaco has done a fantastic job, and really all of our seniors, all year long, all four years.

Just a hard fought game for 40 minutes. Kristine was tough to stop. I thought Cal made crucial baskets in the important moments of the game, and we couldn't necessarily get the stops we needed.

But I'm very proud of the effort that we gave for 40 minutes.

Q. Coach, you slowed down Kristine quite well the first time you guys played her. What was different this time?
CYNTHIA COOPER-DYKE: Well, we missed some defensive assignments when we were supposed to trap her, and then we allowed her to get too deep in the paint, whereas before we were very physical with her. There were some early fouls called that I thought made us tentative defensively against Kristine. And it was tough to stop her once she got into an offensive rhythm.

Q. Coach, you drew even in the fourth quarter with about 8 minutes to go. What changed over that final portion that couldn't get you over the hump?
CYNTHIA COOPER-DYKE: Well, I think execution on both sides of the ball. I thought Cal went up in intensity and focus, and I thought we couldn't match that intensity. We tried to do some different things defensively, but once again, we were in foul trouble, and, two, being in the crucial moments, we couldn't necessarily get over the hump and finish shots or get defensive stops.

So hat's off to Cal. They did a great job, really stepping it up in that fourth quarter. And, once again, I'm very proud of my seniors and my team for how hard we fought all game long.

Q. It seems like every time USC fell down, it was on you guys, the guards, to attack and bring the team back. Was that the strategy and why were you successful at it?
COURTNEY JACO: Yeah, we knew we had to attack their pressure. And once we did that and draw the help, we could pass it easily to the open player, but I think we just didn't have that mindset for 40 minutes.

MINYON MOORE: I think we had those looks, it's just the execution part of it. We got the passes, we got the open looks, but we just couldn't finish at certain points in the game.

Q. Courtney, what do you think you'll remember most about playing for the Trojans?
COURTNEY JACO: There are so many memories, but definitely my teammates and my team. Just being a part of it. Just when you get out of college basketball, you kind of miss that camaraderie and stuff like that. My teammates this year were really special. Some of them they'll be long time friends, so that's going to mean the most to me.

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