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March 2, 2017

Joni Taylor

Mackenzie Engram

Pachis Roberts

Greenville, South Carolina

Georgia - 56, Auburn - 52

THE MODERATOR: I'd like to welcome Georgia to the table.

Coach, if you would start us out with an opening statement, please.

COACH TAYLOR: First, I just want to give credit to Auburn. They're a really good team. I still believe they're an NCAA tournament team. They came out and gave us everything we wanted today. Our players did a really good job of being resilient and making sure in the second half they came out and took care of the basketball, did a good job of executing in the halfcourt.

This team has grown up this year. We figured out a way to survive and play another day.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Joni, to be close to Athens and be able to play in front of some fans today, what kind of lift does that give you? Logistics are easier for you, too.
COACH TAYLOR: Our fans have been great all year long. Bulldog Nation has been amazing. They followed us on the road a lot this year. When you look and see red and black in the stands, it immediately puts a smile on our faces. Our players love playing in front of them.

We were super happy to see them out here supporting us. They'll be here all weekend. Logistically, you can get on the bus, ride a couple miles and be down here. We were able to have not too much of a taxing trip.

Q. For the players, how is it close to be close to campus?
MACKENZIE ENGRAM: I mean, it's awesome. Like she said, to look in the crowd and see red and black, to hear them chanting for us, it's really everything you want, to have your fan base be able to travel with you.

To have their support means everything.

PACHIS ROBERTS: Honestly, it gives us a lot of energy seeing them cheering for us. It's like being at home all over again. It's like being in front of your home crowd, playing at home. You just love that feeling.

Q. Pachis, talk about your senior year. You get to play at least one more time. Talk about how special that is.
PACHIS ROBERTS: I'd say it's very special. You never want your senior season to end. Just my team being able to help me keep going on, just playing, I can't really describe the feeling honestly. It's just, like, amazing.

Q. Mackenzie, Auburn had such a tenacious defense in the first half. Y'all had an unusual number of turnovers. Talk about how you were able to overcome and turn the game around.
MACKENZIE ENGRAM: I think just staying calm is what we needed to do. A lot of our turnovers did come from their press obviously. But Coach just talked to us in the locker room and told us to calm down, stay confident. We knew if we could handle their press, we would win the game.

Q. Joni, it probably won't feel as much like a home game tomorrow. What do you expect when you play South Carolina tomorrow?
COACH TAYLOR: The same thing that happens every time you play them. They're going to have fans in the stands. They're a very talented team. Fortunately we played them twice. We're confident playing against them.

We're not taking that for granted, obviously. They've got really dynamic players. We're going to go back, get off of our feet, watch film, get ready to go tomorrow.

That's what you look forward to this time of year, playing in front of a crowd, giving it your all, laying it on the line.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies.

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