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March 2, 2017

Jeff Walz

Asia Durr

Myisha Hines-Allen

Conway, South Carolina

Louisville - 68, Clemson - 46

JEFF WALZ: I'd first like to start off and thank Nora Lynn and the entire ACC for what a wonderful job they've done in scrambling to get us at a fantastic place, Coastal Carolina. It's a beautiful facility. I mean, it's been great. The setup is fantastic. Our kids have enjoyed it. We've enjoyed it as coaches, and to get it in to place and running like they did with such short notice just speaks volumes for them, and I'd like to thank, as I said, the ACC, Nora Lynn and Brad and everyone here at Coastal Carolina.

To the game, you know, it was a game where we had talked about the urgency of coming out quick, trying to really hit 'em hard right off the bat, and I thought we did that. We were very aggressive on the defensive end of the floor, the offensive end of the floor. We got the ball going in transition, things that we have to do. If we want to be really effective, we've got to be able to get the pace going at the speed that we want and I thought we did there in the first quarter.

And then I tried to -- with a 20-point lead there at the quarter, I tried to put some subs out there to try to get some kids a break, because I didn't want to have to play everybody, our five 38 minutes. I wasn't really pleased with the way the first half ended, but I thought we came out in the second half, the third quarter, and really played well. So I was real pleased with that.

Q. It looked like y'all were just effortless out there.
JEFF WALZ: Well, we played hard. But what we did was we passed the ball. I thought might Myisha ran the floor extremely well. Kylee ran the floor. We rebounded the ball, which was a point of emphasis because we really got hurt bad at their place on the glass, and we came out, held them to one shot there in the first quarter, then we were able to run. And that's something that we've really been talking about, and we have to continue to do if we want to advance in this tournament.

Q. What was part of the strategy there because they had a game last night, you wanted to get out quick on them to get them hustling?
JEFF WALZ: No, that's something that we had talked about. We try to do this with a lot of teams we play. We're going to try to get the tempo, see if we can turn somebody over, get some easy baskets. You know, they're 18 to 22 years old, 23 years old. We play tomorrow at 11:00, I believe. I mean, if we're tired, then I don't know what to tell you. I mean, God forbid.

So I don't think they were tired. Your adrenaline kicks in. We're not going to have that as an excuse tomorrow. I know they wouldn't use that as an excuse. It has nothing to do with playing a game. Now when it comes to Sunday, I still don't think it's a big deal.

Q. Their three-point defense for you all was really good. The three-point shooting may be something to improve on?
JEFF WALZ: Well, I don't know why you think that. I mean, that's kind of like alternative facts, is it not? Three for 17, that's not bad, is it? It gave us 14 opportunities to get offensive rebounds. See, again, you take some things and you churn them to however they fit you.

Q. I'm going to take it to a player instead (laughter). You made those three three-pointers. Was there any pressure on you to shoot off or anything?
ASIA DURR: There's no pressure. I would go off of what Coach just said. When I didn't make those shots, we had our post players to clean up the glass.

Q. Myisha, you were one of those post players that were doing a good job. You've got this little move where you do a circle, it's like a Three Stooges type of routine, and that's very effective for you. How did you come up that?
MYISHA HINES-ALLEN: From everyone else boxing out. I just come and clean it up. As you say, I just go all the way around. They don't really see me, I guess, and then I just clean it up, but it starts with just boxing out.

Q. Takeaways out of this one as you face a very strong North Carolina State team tomorrow?
JEFF WALZ: Very good NC State team. Wes does a fantastic job with that ballclub. They've got some seniors that are playing with a lot of urgency. It's going to be a very good basketball game. There's no doubt in my mind. You know, our game at our place was a great game, and I expect the same thing tomorrow. We're going to have to come prepared to play.

Q. Jazmine Jones came in and gave you another great effort. Talk about her and what kind of spark she gives you all.
ASIA DURR: J. Jones, man. She's a great player. Coach stays on her a whole lot because he knows what she can do. So she's just got to keep on building off of this, as well, and just keep playing hard, keep playing strong, because she's a great player.

MYISHA HINES-ALLEN: Just go off of what Asia said. She gives a spark off the bench. She's very athletic so she can get in there and get rebounds, and she's so explosive, she can get a shot off or pass it over the top of a press.

Q. Myisha, maybe brag a little bit on Asia. I know she had a fantastic game today. She does a lot of things well, doesn't she?
MYISHA HINES-ALLEN: She does a lot of things well. No, but Asia, she's not only a great basketball player, but she's a great person in general. She looks out for her teammates on the court and off the court, as well. But it's hard to find another Asia Durr. All the credit to Asia. She's keeping this team together, and we need her to continue to play strong through the rest of this tournament so we can hopefully win it.

Q. Coach, you had a really strong game against North Carolina State last time, really back and forth kind of contest. Things you need to do tomorrow to beat them?
JEFF WALZ: Well, we're going to have to score more points. Okay, I didn't know if you had that one down. That's our number one thing. We're going to have to do a good job defensively of keeping them in front of us. Their guards are excellent at attacking the rim, and then as soon as you have to help, they kick for shooters. So we've got to be able to defend one-on-one and not let them get by us so now all of a sudden help has to come.

So that's going to be something that we'll talk about and hopefully get improved.

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