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February 28, 2017

Damir Dzumhur

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

D. DZUMHUR/S. Wawrinka

7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You must be very pleased with yourself.
DAMIR DZUMHUR: I was. It was tough.

Q. What were you thinking when he was 4-1-up and he was, like, going really fast?
DAMIR DZUMHUR: Yeah, I mean, three games in, like, six, seven minutes. He was playing outstanding there. Was just hitting every ball. I couldn't even touch the ball. I didn't have a chance to do something.

So I knew that it's not too much about my game. It's about his day. If he's going to play like that, he's gonna win, I cannot do anything.

But I was hoping that he's gonna go down with his level of game, and that's what happened. I was, after winning the first game, I started to fight, to grind, and I found some way to play, to stay in the game. Playing longer points was giving me more chances.

Q. More than grinding, wasn't it? You played some amazing shots out there.
DAMIR DZUMHUR: Yeah, yeah. I mean, you just start to fight, and then the game is coming to you. You are feeling your shots better and better.

My serve was working very well until that last game of 5-1. Oh, that was -- I got a little bit tight. I felt it. And Stan felt it, too. So he just try to put some balls in the court. But in the end, that game of 5-3, I was again serving good and playing well.

It's not easy to finish a game with those players. They know how to play when they are down, when they want to come back. But, yeah, I found a way in the end.

Q. How would you compare this win to the one over Tomas last year?
DAMIR DZUMHUR: I think this is even bigger win, because this was on hard court against a player who likes this surface who won the tournament last year.

Against Berdych, it was clay, the one that I like more. Definitely have more chances on clay against Tomas than on hard against Stan. So I think this win is bigger.

Q. Considering how well known Stan's backhand is, yours was firing incredibly well. Would you regard that as your best shot? Was it just going well today?
DAMIR DZUMHUR: No, it's definitely a shot that I always can play a really good -- it is a shot that I really like to play. Especially my backhand playing against fast ball is even easier. Wawrinka is playing really fast, and that's what fits me more. So I think that's one of the reason my backhand was really good today.

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