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February 23, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Chonburi, Thailand

Q. Opening round of 68. Are you pleased with your round?
LEXI THOMPSON: I am for the way I struck the ball today. I wasn't quite on my game, but definitely happy with a 68. You'll never hear any complain about that.

Hopefully have a little bit better ball striking the rest of the weekend.

Q. We know in the off-season you have been putting in hours on the practice putting green. It's something you've been working incredibly hard at.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's basically the only thing I've been working on. That and chipping. I have been working on it extreme amounts. I have footprints all over Trump International's greens.

Yeah, I've just been working on it extremely hard. It's something that I need to improve on, and I've realized that.

Q. How do you improve on your putting? What have you been doing?
LEXI THOMPSON: I believe putting is all confidence. For me, I needed to change a few things technically. I needed to get closer to the ball and get my eye more over my line. You know, not take it so far inside it and release it so hard. And open my eyes. That was something I really had to get over.

It was big change for me, but it was good changes.

Q. Very encouraged after today's round, and also after coming so close just a couple weeks ago in the Bahamas. 2017 is starting well.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely it. Having that first week there in the Bahamas, it was a great tournament. Brittany Lincicome played amazing golf. It was great to be in the playoff with her.

Yeah, I had a good three weeks off working on my game and come here opening up with a 68, so hopefully have a good weekend.

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