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February 21, 2017

Shawn Coultoff

Padraig Harrington

Susie Rossick

Karoline Tuttle

Chris Vonderkall

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

DOUG MILNE: Speaking of fans and young fans, we have a special presentation right now.

CHRIS VONDERKALL: I'm Chris Vonderkall, vice president of U.S. Kids Golf. We are honored to be here to recognize Karoline Tuttle and Shawn Coultoff, 2016 U.S. Kids Golf Foundation Players of the Year Presented by Honda.

The mission of U.S. Kids Golf is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories. As our partner, we are pleased to have Honda recognize this mission and help grow this wonderful family sport.

Karoline Tuttle is from Lake Mary, Florida. She began playing golf at the age of six where she was introduced by her father. Karoline earned Player of the Year honors by winning Tour Champion honors at the Orlando Summer Local Tour and capturing the Girls 12 World Championship title in 2016 at Pinehurst.

KAROLINE TUTTLE: I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to play golf, and Honda for the opportunity of being here and U.S. Kids for opportunity to play junior golf and to compete.

CHRIS VONDERKALL: Shawn Coultoff from Winter Park, Florida began swinging his first golf club at the age of two and was introduced by his father. Shawn earned Player of the Year honors in the Orlando Summer Local Tour, as well, and finished second at the World Championship with a score of 8-under par.

SHAWN COULTOFF: Like to thank Honda and the PGA TOUR for allowing us to be here this week at The Honda Classic. I would also like to thank U.S. Kids Golf, especially Mr. Doug and Miss Karen from the Orlando Local Tour. I appreciate all their support and the support for my family and friends.

CHRIS VONDERKALL: I'm pleased to introduce Susie Rossick, assistant vice president, Honda national regional marketing for American Honda Motor Company, and also thank Pádraig for his gracious time with the kids today.

SUSIE ROSSICK: Thank you, Chris. Honda is very pleased to continue our partnership with U.S. Kids Golf Foundation because they are dedicated to helping kids have fun playing golf out there, and I'm sure you guys are having a great time doing it, and you look like you are.

Honda's commitment to growing the game of golf extends from this connection to the best junior golfers in the world to the finest professional golfers in the world, including the 2015 Honda Classic Champion, Pádraig, and thank you for being with us today.

We are excited to present the U.S. Kids Golf Player of the Year awards to Karoline and Shawn, and we wish them success as we continue and congratulate them. We are going to look forward to having you both play tomorrow in the Honda Classic Cares Gold Pro-Am tomorrow on the Championship Course, and I know you're going to be better than most of our dealers out there. You're going to have a great time, so congratulations.

CHRIS VONDERKALL: So if Pádraig's name comes up tomorrow and you have a chance, I think that's somebody you might want to play with.

I just wanted to on behalf of U.S. Kids Golf, Honda, I just wanted to thank everybody and thank Shawn and Karoline again, congratulations. Again, Pádraig, thank you, you did this last year and we really appreciate it.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: One thing about Shawn and Karoline, golf is one of the few sports, and I knew this growing up, you know, you win in a team sport and everybody comes and cheers and everything. But you win in golf, you have to come up and make a speech.

It really does, like it teaches so many kids the ability to stand up and say their few words as Shawn and Karoline both spoke very well. And I could see that they were nervous doing it, they were running through their speeches as they were here, but you spoke really well and this is one of the great things that golf really does. People forget that it teaches the kids the ability to stand up and make a speech. Because if you want to win more tournaments, you're going to have to make lots more speeches.

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