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February 19, 2017

Russell Westbrook

New Orleans, Louisiana - Postgame

West - 192

East - 182

Q. 41 points. You went one shy of the all-time record that eventually went to Anthony Davis. Can you take us into your performance tonight.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Having fun, brother. That's the best part. Just going out to compete and have fun.

Q. Did you aim for the record?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: No, just got hot.

Q. A.D. told me the other day that he spoke to you about how to win the MVP, and you told him -- gave him a little advice. Can you just talk about that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Yeah, I told him. Yeah.

Q. What you told him in his performance tonight?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I'm not going to tell you, but he did a good job and got it done.

Q. You told him to shoot early and often?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: No, that's what you said.

Q. Obviously, you and Anthony have a very close relationship. How was it tonight watching your friend play so well in his home arena?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: It was great, man. It's definitely always a great thing to do, especially here where he plays in front of his fans, his family. It's a great experience and definitely happy for him.

Q. Russ, what's up with you from the three-point line and All-Star games? Three in a row.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Yeah, I know. I wish the season was an All-Star game. I'd make some threes during the season. No, I hit a few.

Q. Russell, how did you think Giannis Antetokounmpo performed? He's a rookie in the All-Star game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: He did good, did a good job. The All-Star game, that's what it's about. He played hard.

Q. Russ, I'm sorry to break this great atmosphere, but the first quarter, you kind of made peace with Kevin Durant or whatever happened. Can you take us back into the first quarter?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Oh, that was the question?

Q. I'm sorry. The question is: First quarter, you and Kevin Durant, you spoke to each other, kind of had some fun, it's all over now?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Yeah, he threw a lob. That's all that happened. Just threw a lob. It's basketball. That's it.

Q. No high fives, nothing?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Did you see it?

Q. I was very happy in the Draft.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Yeah, that's cool. Have a great time. I'll see you guys the second half of the season.

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