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February 18, 2017

Eric Gordon

New Orleans, Louisiana - Three-Point Contest

Q. First of all, two questions. One, how does it feel representing Houston being in three-point shootout? Two, I want you to take me through that last roll, right when you knew it was almost game time but -- talk about what happened a little bit.
ERIC GORDON: It was great to represent Houston in this event. This is a unique event. Towards the end, you get a little tired. I wasn't really concentrating on how many I made. It's all about just focusing on just knocking down the shot. I never count it in my head or anything. You just go out there and shoot the ball. That last rack, it was just mostly fatigue.

Q. Eric, how weird is it to win this thing in New Orleans? What's that like?
ERIC GORDON: Well, no, it's not really weird. I am used to these rims here. I've been here for five years. I've always been a pretty good shooter. I'm just happy to win it, just to win it.

Q. Kind of unusual to put your money ball rack at the top of the key. Is that just what you like? How Rockets of a thing is that to do?
ERIC GORDON: Well, I think that's the easiest shot to -- for me, I thought that was the easiest shot. You've just got to shoot dead on. That's why I just chose to put my money rack in the middle. But it's all about, at the end of the day, just making the most that you can.

Q. Eric, it sounded like there was some booing from the crowd. I don't know if you heard that or if you had any reaction to that.
ERIC GORDON: Yeah, I heard a little bit, but I'm not worried. I was focused on trying to win. That's all that matters.

Q. Eric, this could be the first trophy of your season because you're, obviously, a sixth man of the season candidate. Do you want to add that trophy to this one?
ERIC GORDON: Yeah, for sure, I definitely would like to win sixth man of the year. Coach D'Antoni, he was always -- when he moved me to the bench, he was like, you'd better make sure you win this award and be productive. So as long as we continue to win and I continue to do it, I think it's possible.

Q. For all the players out there, congratulations. And also just looking at the system, you talked about fatigue, how much did the D'Antoni system with all those shots you guys put up add to the lag factor at the end of this three-point contest?
ERIC GORDON: I wouldn't say it added up to tonight, but I would say it kind of helped because we run around, we play a fast-paced game, and we shoot a lot of threes. I would say, if anything, it kind of helps. But I just do what I do best, and that's make a lot of threes.

Q. You're being a little soft-spoken. Is this your way of just letting the league know and putting them on notice that they got to guard you beyond that arc?
ERIC GORDON: Well, I'm pretty sure they know. That's what I like to do best. With how we play, you can't stop at all. As long as I continue to make shots and everything, it becomes a fun game for us.

Q. Just a quick question. Did you have any difficulty not being distracted by James' jacket next to you?
ERIC GORDON: I always make fun of his fits, I'll tell you. I always heard his voice when I was in that first rack. He's just giving me confidence, but it was good just to get a win.

Q. You really started shooting more as a spot-up shooter here your last couple years. As your game sort of evolved into that, how much do you think that helped you in a contest like this where you became such a spot-up shooter and so reliable at that spot?
ERIC GORDON: Well, you take what you get. In my career, my role has changed a lot. Early on in my career, I used to drive to the basket a lot, but I've always been able to shoot. Over the past four or five years, I've done pretty well shooting the three ball. And with the system we have now, with the Rockets, it really, really exposes it.

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