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February 18, 2017

Carmelo Anthony

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. It's your 10th time as an All-Star. How are excited are you?
CARMELO ANTHONY: I'm still excited. I get excited about it. I think, once you get here, being around the guys and all the festivities, you start having fun and start realizing what a big deal it is to be a part of it.

Q. What kind of performance can we expect from you?
CARMELO ANTHONY: I'm just happy to be here. I can't predict that right now. We'll see tomorrow.

Q. Are you ready for it?
CARMELO ANTHONY: I will be tomorrow. Today I'm not, but tomorrow I'll be ready for it.

Q. What advice would you give to first-time All-Stars?
CARMELO ANTHONY: Probably just to enjoy it and relax, take a deep breath and take everything in. It can be a lot. It can be kind of overwhelming with all the excitement, just being around all this in one place. I think you should take that and put everything in perspective and just enjoy it.

Q. How do you enjoy the weekend (no microphone)?
CARMELO ANTHONY: That's fun. That's the fun part. I think that's stuff as players we love to compete. I love to play, especially during the weekend.

Q. (No microphone).
CARMELO ANTHONY: I did not come here to talk about no trade talk?

Q. I asked Draymond about what it would be like for him to see you traded. He said, he's like a big brother to me. He's a great ambassador to the game. I feel he's getting a raw deal. I said, what if he's on the Clippers, though? He said, then I'd want to destroy him.
CARMELO ANTHONY: Of course. That's Draymond for you. He's on the opposite side of me. He's a different person, a different player. But I like that. I like that mentality from a player who gets it. Same here. If I'm on an opposing team from him, I want to destroy him too. It goes hand in hand.

We're friends. We're brothers off the court. But on the court, we're all competitive. I think that's what makes our game as good as it is.

Q. How do you feel about what he said, though, that he thinks you got a raw deal right now in New York?
CARMELO ANTHONY: Honestly, for me, it's good to see the support from my peers despite everything I have been having to deal with. When you have your peers who understand it -- they're the ones who are actually going through similar situations and can relate to those types of situations because they're in it. So to have my peers speak up and talk about that, it means a lot to me.

Q. Would you be reinvigorated to be in a different uniform in the second half?
CARMELO ANTHONY: That's like a setup question right there. I don't know. It's kind of hard at this point. I'll have some time after the break to worry about that.

Q. Only a few days left.
CARMELO ANTHONY: Only a few days left. I got to get through today. I just got here.

Q. Carmelo, when you got the call, what went through your mind?
CARMELO ANTHONY: Honestly, it was more like a downer because I had to cancel my trip and there's no refund. So I can't get my refund back. But I think after a while it was just -- once I talked to the family, everybody kind of understood and told me to make sure I come down here and enjoy the moment. I think once you go through so many years, you still have to find the joy of coming down here and participating. I think over the past couple of days I've done that.

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