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February 18, 2017

Anthony Davis

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. So tough practice today?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, it was tough. Got to get off our feet now. No, it was fun. We did a lot of shooting for the fans. Competition and interaction with the fans. It was a fun experience.

Q. You're going to compete in the Skills Challenge tonight. Last year didn't quite go the way you wanted, dribbled off your foot. Did you work on that? What's it going to be like tonight?
ANTHONY DAVIS: I didn't work on that. Just be a little more focused. Going to have fun and try to bring home the trophy.

Q. You added the three-pointer to your game this year.
ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, it should be a little easier to try to make that shot now.

Q. So yesterday I spent all of media day asking other players about you. They all had great things to say --
ANTHONY DAVIS: Except Russell, right?

Q. Except your boys from Kentucky. Cousins and Wall called you a goofball, and I want to know what's behind that.
ANTHONY DAVIS: Man, I don't know. I'm a big kid. I play a lot. I play a lot. I really like to have fun. Have fun and enjoy life.

Q. Wes Matthews said if he could create an NBA 2K player, it should be you. And KD says, when it all goes down, you're going to be one of the greatest players that ever played. What does that mean to you?
ANTHONY DAVIS: It means a lot. It means a lot. I worked extremely hard to try to get where I am, and for these guys to recognize it and give me a lot of credit is amazing.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with Russell? It seems like you get along pretty well.
ANTHONY DAVIS: Russell's one of my closest friends in the league. Me and him bonded through the same agency. Both of our parents are extremely close. Man, we're very close.

Q. When you were expecting to be an ambassador and all the things you talked about, is that going that direction?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, all these guys are having fun, and I'm having fun with them.

Q. A lot of stuff is glitz and glamour and a lot of fun, but then yesterday we see that house and the tree go in. How was that you seeing that? Does it almost put things in perspective for you?
ANTHONY DAVIS: One of my friends here in New Orleans, his family helped out. Of course, I've seen pictures, but when you go there and experience it, it's really different. You get emotional. But I know people from New Orleans, and I'm attached here. Any time I see the city struggling, it always touches me.

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