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February 18, 2017

Stephen Curry

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. Are you ever going to visit Malaysia?
STEPHEN CURRY: I would love to. I've been traveling a good amount the last three or four years in the summer. I will try to make Malaysia a stop.

Q. Steph, how excited are you to play in the All-Star Game?
STEPHEN CURRY: Very excited. This is a huge opportunity to celebrate the game of basketball and everything we've accomplished this year. New Orleans has been a great host city. This is my second All-Star Game here. I started my first All-Star Game here four years ago, and it's been unbelievable.

Q. Steph, if you could pick any player from any time, who would make your ultimate All-Star team?
STEPHEN CURRY: My personal one?

Q. Yeah, your personal one.
STEPHEN CURRY: Steve Nash, Reggie Miller, Michael, Shaq -- I need a power forward. I'll go Tim Duncan.

Q. And then your Mount Rushmore of three-point shooters in the league at the moment, who would you go for?
STEPHEN CURRY: Splash Brothers, Kyle Korver. Right now? I'm going to throw Eric Gordon in there.

Q. What do you think the competition will be in the All-Star Game against the East?
STEPHEN CURRY: Hopefully, we win. That's all that matters to me right now. It will be a lot of fun, obviously, a lot of back and forth. We're going to win. I don't like to lose.

Q. What kind of performance can we expect from you tomorrow?
STEPHEN CURRY: Shoot a lot. Hopefully, a lot of those shots go in. Be ready to play. Just try to have fun and bring energy.

Q. Steph, if you had to pick one of your West All-Star teammates to join the four Warriors to form the ultimate death lineup, who would it be?
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, shoot, any of them. You give me one of those other eight guys, I'm in good shape.

Q. Would you rather go like a big or small? Do you have any preference?
STEPHEN CURRY: It really doesn't matter with that lineup. It's pretty versatile.

Q. Steph, what about your headband?
STEPHEN CURRY: Just trying something new. I don't wear a headband during the year. So this is showing a little style.

Q. Something you'll go out and replicate during the regular season?
STEPHEN CURRY: It catches all the sweat when I play real hard tomorrow.

Q. What do you think of what the NBA is doing with technology like VR and eSports and things like that?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's great to see them integrated into the game and try to make the game experience from a fan's standpoint and a player's standpoint better. Any time you have technological advancements like that where you can just create a more immersive experience for the game, I think that's special. So hopefully it continues.

Q. Have you tried any of the VR experiences that they have?

Q. What did you think?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's amazing how they created that new world. It's very, very, very lifelike.

Q. What do you listen to to get yourself in the flow?
STEPHEN CURRY: I listen to Chance, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and then after that it's just a lot of random. I have a pretty diverse playlist that goes through all genres of music. It's hard to really pick one, but those three guys are my get-hyped, get-ready-for-the-game ones.

Q. Steph, was it awkward out there at all between KD and Russ?
STEPHEN CURRY: I'm not going to talk about that. It's all good. It's just basketball players having a great time.

Q. Do you think your team will score 200 points in the All-Star Game?
STEPHEN CURRY: I wouldn't doubt it. We've pushed the limit the last couple of years. We'll see.

Q. Is DeMarcus Cousins the best big in the league?
STEPHEN CURRY: He's definitely in that conversation. He has all the skills necessary. Any defender has trouble staying in front of him off the dribble. He knocks down shots, shooting threes now. He's a force on the rebounds. So he's a problem.

Q. Who do you got in the Three-Point Contest tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: This guy named Klay Thompson. You may have heard about him.

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