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February 18, 2017

James Harden

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. Can you talk about your team's performance?
JAMES HARDEN: Pretty good. Solid. Third-best record in the NBA. So take this break off, and then we have another long stretch to go.

Q. I know your team has a goal to be the champion. What do you think it takes to be the champion?
JAMES HARDEN: First, we've got to get our rest and make sure we're ready to go, that we're playing a high level for the rest of the regular-season games and then the postseason.

Q. What is your expectation for tomorrow's All-Star Game?
JAMES HARDEN: Just to win. Just to win and have fun. Make sure the fans enjoy it. Make sure they're smiling, and ultimately make sure we win.

Q. You're trying to get a triple-double or MVP in the All-Star Game?

Q. I'm from Argentina. I'm writing about Manu Ginobili. What do you consider his leadership in the NBA?
JAMES HARDEN: He paved the way for crafty guys. He represented his country extremely well. He's done so many things not only for his country but for the NBA. He's definitely one of the pioneers.

Q. How has the experience been so far for you in the All-Star Game and this practice?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah, it's a great experience. It's a lot of fun at NBA All-Star weekend. It's an opportunity for the fans to see the great NBA players, all of us in one area.

Q. Who do you think is going to win? The Western Conference looks pretty good.
JAMES HARDEN: It's going to be competitive. There's going to be a lot going on. Ultimately, we want to win the game and have all the bragging rights.

Q. What's your thought about Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook?
JAMES HARDEN: I don't have any thoughts. That doesn't involve me.

Q. Do you think that's going to make the game more interesting, Kevin Durant and Russell?
JAMES HARDEN: It's the All-Star Game. That right there is all the fun you need.

Q. What makes it a special event here in New Orleans?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah, I'm happy to be here. The city needs it to have all the love and support.

Q. What's the expectation for you and the Rockets in the second half of the season? It's something important for sure.
JAMES HARDEN: We need to be ready to make a push, be ready to go. We need stay strong and get ready for the postseason.

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