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February 17, 2017

Jamal Murray

New Orleans, Louisiana

World Team - 150

U.S. Team - 141

Q. Jamal, when did you start feeling on fire? You played like out of your mind tonight.
JAMAL MURRAY: I wouldn't say out of my mind, but I was feeling it. I was just playing within the game, and I wasn't trying to force it. I was trying to find my teammates and make sure everybody have fun. So I had a lot of fun. I'm sure we got the "W." It was good for everybody. So I was just playing.

Q. Jamal, when you are beginning to feel it like that, what does it feel like? How did you know -- did you know you were going to go off like that?
JAMAL MURRAY: You never know when I'm going to go off. I just always try to hit every shot I make. A couple shots I got too excited, and I missed them. I was just trying shooting like I normally shoot them. I wasn't thinking about MVP or how many points I had. I was just playing.

Q. So when you did get hot and things started falling, in your mind, was that like Canada national anthem like going off? Like the beginning starting of it, like O Canada, like every time you let it go?
JAMAL MURRAY: A little bit. No, I was just playing, man. I was just playing. The guys were telling me to shoot it. Fans were telling me to shoot it. Guys were trying to get me open, so I was just trying to take advantage of that.

Q. How does it feel when guys are supporting you like that?
JAMAL MURRAY: It's great. You have the confidence, no, they want you to do it. You don't second guess it. I wasn't second guessing it. I was just taking heat checks.

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