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February 17, 2017

Kristaps Porzingis

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. Advice for the kids who want to play basketball?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: No matter what, keep working on your game. Even myself, when I was growing up, I was a tall, skinny kid. I dreamed I could be a professional player one day.

Q. So any tips for practice for them? Secrets?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: I'm not telling you.

Q. How are you enjoying the weekend?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: It's good so far. I'm doing a lot of media stuff. It's been fun so far, especially having my buddy [Willy Hernangomez].

Q. What do you look forward to?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: Just getting out there and enjoying the game and sharing that with the guys, my teammates. These guys, we got drafted together. We'll enjoy it together and hopefully win the game.

Q. How excited are you to be in the Rising Stars Challenge?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: Very excited. I was here last year. I know what it is. This is like a step closer towards achieving my dream, which is becoming an All-Star one day. I feel like I'm a step closer.

Q. Is this the kind of game where you're going to take it easy to minimize risks, or are you going to go all out for the victory?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: You've got to play the way you play always. You've got to play hard. You've got to put on a good show for the fans. You've got to be careful and be smart and that kind of stuff. You've got to play hard and just have fun.

Q. Question for sports in Africa. What message would you have? You've got so many fans in Africa. What message would you have for them?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: I'm going to be there next summer. I'm going to be with the young African kids that are starting to play. Hopefully, we can make an impact there and help them improve their game.

Q. Are you feeling better from the other night? Everything's okay again?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: Yeah, I feel good now. Just I'm being really careful now what I eat and how much I eat.

Q. Karl-Anthony Towns, from year one to year two, where have you seen his progression?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: I think we've both grown as players, but I think what's important for us, both of us, our teams are still struggling. So it's a little tough for us. It's fun to see him here again and be able to compete against each other again. Hopefully, we'll be guarding each other again and put on a good show.

Q. Obviously, second year players, the potential you can't really talk about it, but for him, Karl's ceiling, how high is it? His potential?
KRISTAPS PORZINGIS: You can see the improvements from last year to this year in his game. I know the type of guy he is. He works really hard. I know he's going to be an All-Star one day. He's going to be an unbelievable player for many, many years in the NBA. Hopefully, we can have that for the next 15, 20 years in the NBA.

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