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February 17, 2017

Gordon Hayward

New Orleans, Louisiana

GORDON HAYWARD: I just actually saw him [Brad Stevens] right before this, got a chance to talk to him for about five minutes. It's great to see his kids. They're grown up now. One of my assistants that was at Butler with him as well. Always just rooting for Coach Stevens. He deserves every bit of recognition that he gets. Such a great coach and a great guy.

Q. Is it kind of amazing how fast things have gone since the shot against Duke to now, just how you've grown.
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, time flies for sure. Just looking at pictures, you can just see the difference of both of us and where we've come. Like I said, happy for him and what he's accomplished. Looking forward to more that he'll accomplish.

Q. How often do you think about that shot or you're asked about it?
GORDON HAYWARD: I don't think about it usually until somebody asks about it. So thank you for that. But usually every March, too. Every time March rolls around, it definitely crosses my mind.

Q. Can we get a brief introduction and a shout out to South Korea?
GORDON HAYWARD: Shout out to all the fans in South Korea. Thank you for all the support. I'm a big video game guy. I know you guys are big in video games over in South Korea. I watch a lot of Koreans.

Q. Have you been to New Orleans before, or is this your first time?
GORDON HAYWARD: We play them all the time. So I get a chance to walk around a couple times if we're here for an extra day or so.

Q. What's your favorite thing to do here?
GORDON HAYWARD: I like going to Cafe du Monde and getting some beignets.

Q. Have you done that yet?
GORDON HAYWARD: I haven't done that yet, but I do like some doughnuts.

Q. What are you expecting from yourself for tomorrow?
GORDON HAYWARD: Hopefully make a couple shots, get a couple dunks. Go out there and have fun.

Q. What's your advice to aspiring players?
GORDON HAYWARD: I just say to work hard. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Q. What was it this year that made you bring up your level and get to your first All-Star game?
GORDON HAYWARD: I think a lot of it has to do with our team's success. Playing a lot better basketball. I wouldn't be in the situation I am if we aren't as successful as we are.

Q. What do you think it's going to be like with Russ [Russell Westbrook] and the Warriors reuniting in the locker room? Do you anticipate any awkwardness?
GORDON HAYWARD: I don't really know what to expect. I mean, I wouldn't think so. It's a friendly event. You'd have to ask them.

Q. What do you think about Isaiah Thomas on the court for the Celtics? What he does is extraordinary. When you're matching up against him, what are your emotions?
GORDON HAYWARD: Well, he's really, really hard to guard, especially with the way he's shooting the ball this year. He's almost unstoppable at times in the game, especially, it seems like, in the fourth quarter because he's so quick and he can get around bigs and finishes really well in the paint. Like I said, he can go under screens, and he shoots it. He's a really tough guy to guard.

Q. It seems like his confidence is at an all time high. He just looks like he knows he's going to excel.
GORDON HAYWARD: He's playing really well. You got a guy like that with his ability and his confidence level, like I said, he's really tough to stop.

Q. What about the state of the league? Would you say the league is the best it's been like right now, best that it's ever been?
GORDON HAYWARD: I think the league is definitely trending in the right direction. It's more global than it's ever been, and I think that's really helping the league out. I think with technology advancing and our players are so accessible. Right there you can see their face, and we're actually tweeting and videos make it a more interactive experience for the fans. I think that helps. It's definitely very popular right now.

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