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February 17, 2017

DeAndre Jordan

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. What are you more excited for, dunk contest or All-Star game?
DEANDRE JORDAN: I think I'm more nervous about the dunk contest. I'm super excited for the All-Star game, though. But both, man. It's my first time participating in either event, so I'm really excited.

Q. Anthony Davis says he wants to get the MVP, and he's like I'm the hometown guy. They should be helping me out, right?
DEANDRE JORDAN: I mean, I'm going to shoot it every time I touch it (laughter). No, no, Anthony is great. It's going to be cool.

Q. How would you describe Anthony Davis?
DEANDRE JORDAN: Man, a problem. A problem. Man, he's one of our greatest players in this league on both ends of the floor. Just to see somebody like that coming in the NBA and having such an impact that early and continuously is really cool to see. It's cool to see another big doing that. It's awesome.

Q. Has he given you any tips on Mardi Gras here?
DEANDRE JORDAN: To stay away (laughter), to stay away. I think I'm going to take that advice. Maybe not.

Q. From King Cake Baby or just all in general?
DEANDRE JORDAN: I think just from all in general, yeah. We'll see how it goes. I probably won't listen to him, but we'll see.

Q. DeAndre, where would you rank Blake Griffin's dunk just in the grand scheme of dunks, the one he did with the car in the dunk contest?
DEANDRE JORDAN: That's pretty cool, man. I'm surprised they let Baron Davis drive the car on the court. That was more of a surprise than anything. It was cool. Man, he had the choir going. It was really -- really felt like it was a movie. It was cool, man.

Q. Did he talk about doing that or were you surprised?
DEANDRE JORDAN: He mentioned something about jumping over a car, and I was like this could go either this way or some people could get fired. I'm glad it went this way.

Q. The hype for the dunk contest wasn't that good at that time. Now the hype is back. Do you think it's back to those standards in the '80s?
DEANDRE JORDAN: Man, in the '80s, those dunk contests were amazing, historic, but like last year, I thought, was great, man. Zach [LaVine] and Aaron [Gordon] both did a great job, man. Everybody in it last year, but those guys really set the tone last year.

Q. About the memories and checking out the video on YouTube and stuff, what's your favorite dunk for winning a contest of all time?
DEANDRE JORDAN: There's so many. I saw somebody do a 360 like under both legs.

Q. You don't remember who?
DEANDRE JORDAN: No, no, no, it was on YouTube. I don't remember what it was, but he was pretty hot.

Q. Do you remember like being a kid and wanting to be in the dunk contest someday?
DEANDRE JORDAN: Yeah, you always watch that and think I wish I could be like those guys and watch them shoot from the free throw line. Then you go outside and look at the free throw line and think there's no way I can get there. Now to have the opportunity to do it, I think is really special and something that I'm excited about.

Q. When is the first time you really wanted to be part of the contest, like being in the league? When did you say I want to be a part?
DEANDRE JORDAN: I think after seeing Blake do it. That was really cool to see, especially his rookie year coming in and winning it in L.A., the props that he used, everything was cool, man. It was well thought out. Ever since then, I was like, man, I want to be a part of that.

Q. Particularly notable rivalries with Marc Gasol and DeMarcus Cousins that the Clippers have, how nice is it to be on their team?
DEANDRE JORDAN: I still don't like these guys. I really don't like DeMarcus. No, I spent the whole summer with that guy. He's still bad. No, he's great. He's a great teammate. No, it's -- I've battled against these guys every year, and it's something that's become fun. Just to be able to go out and trash talk against and play at the highest level against some of the best names in our league is amazing.

Q. So when DeMarcus talks about how he hates the Clippers, because he said...
DEANDRE JORDAN: He doesn't hate the Clippers. He doesn't mean that.

Q. What was it like this summer in the Olympics?
DEANDRE JORDAN: That was a cool little experience, just to be able to be back around these guys is going to be cool now. I'm really excited about it. I want to have as much fun as possible.

Q. What about his game makes him one of the better players in the league?
DEANDRE JORDAN: Because he does everything. He puts a lot of pressure on the defense. He can face up, post up, handle the basketball. He's a willing passer. He definitely puts a lot of pressure on the defense.

Q. Seeing that you have a little history with him, what can he bring off the court rather than on? He gets a bad rap on the court. How is he off the court?
DEANDRE JORDAN: He's a great teammate, man. He's super funny. He's always laughing or smiling or joking. That's fun to be around.

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