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February 17, 2017

Anthony Davis

New Orleans, Louisiana

ANTHONY DAVIS: I want to be here. I love playing here. I love to play for the fans.

Q. The last week or so, the road trip, was it a real positive sign?
ANTHONY DAVIS: It was. We're putting some wins together, three out of our last four. That's what we need.

Q. What does it take, do you think, to beat the better teams? You guys had a good run against teams with a winning record.
ANTHONY DAVIS: We beat Cleveland. We beat San Antonio. We come out with a different mentality against the good teams. When we do that, we give ourselves a change to win. I have no problem going up against the good teams. It's the teams that aren't so good that we struggle with.

Q. What do you think is going to happen before the trade deadline? We talked to Jahlil Okafor. Talk about your relationship with him.
ANTHONY DAVIS: Me and him were real close. We actually played on ESPN one time, and he did get the best of me. He's a good player. He's finding his way in league, big body. It's always fun when that matchup comes up.

Q. Where do you stand on kind of steering the organization? You've seen LeBron, guys like that, really take a stand and kind of dictate to their organizations the direction they want to go. Where do you stand on being that kind of player?
ANTHONY DAVIS: I think we're moving in the right direction, trying to do certain things. Any time something comes up or they need an opinion about something or need to make a decision, they come ask me. Then I voice my opinion and give them what I think. When I hear something or see something, then I can voice my opinion. We have a close relationship.

Q. Is it important to keep that kind of stuff behind the scenes and not handle it in the media?
ANTHONY DAVIS: For sure. For sure. That's what I try doing, keep it under the carpet and make sure it doesn't get out.

Q. When you see your face on the sign above the tower, it's a pretty imposing figure there.
ANTHONY DAVIS: It's pretty cool. Never had that come up before. It's pretty cool.

Q. Going along with that, what does it mean to you for the All-Star game to be in New Orleans this year?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Exactly what it is, equality. I think the leagyue did a great job of putting that message out there. Whether it's on the floor, off the floor, everybody's equal. That's what we've got to realize with everything that's going on right now. Everybody is equal.

Q. I don't think anyone would disagree with that, but there's a big debate right now about the intersection of sports and politics. Where do you stand on that? Should people be able to consume their sports without having politics interjected, or should there be a mix somehow?
ANTHONY DAVIS: I mean, everybody has their opinions, and that's what it is. At the end of the day, people are going to say what they want to say. No sports without politics. No politics, no sports. So it kind of goes hand in hand. I don't really get into it. I stay in my lane and do sports and just go from there.

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