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February 17, 2017

Kyle Lowry

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. Kyle, you've had a very productive season. You're in the All-Star Game. What's it been like this season?
KYLE LOWRY: It's been a fun year. It's been a fun year. It's been a year of growth, a year of ups and downs for us and the team. Every time I get to play basketball, it's fun. It's been a blessing to be able to go out there and do my job every night.

Q. The Raptors made a big trade now, getting Ibaka. Are you consulted on a decision like this, or is it just the general manager letting you know that now we have a new player?
KYLE LOWRY: I'm not consulted. That's not my job. My job is to play. At the end of the day, my job is to go out there and play basketball. So for us, at the end of the day, it's about going out there and doing our job. So when they make a decision, we go out there and make it work.

Q. What's it like having to say goodbye to a teammate [Terrence Ross] in the middle of the season, to have a big change?
KYLE LOWRY: It's tough because it's a guy I watched grow up. I've known him now 4 1/2 years, and we've become close. He got close to my family, and I got close to his family. But it's a business. Hopefully, he'll have success. It's a new chapter for us both.

Q. How is this third year as an All-Star different for you? First year, you're excited. Second year (inaudible). Third year --
KYLE LOWRY: I'm still excited. I still get a chance to be around all these All-Stars and get all you guys to interview me. And getting the opportunity to just be here, it's a blessing. It's earned. It's where I want to be. Every time I come, I'm happy. The last few years, it's been fun to me. This year I get to come off the bench. So I'll be a little bit more relaxed this year. It will be fun.

Q. Does it mean more to you when you get voted -- you get voted by the fans, but when you come off the bench, you're basically voted by the coaches.
KYLE LOWRY: Either way, I'm happy to be here. The coaches, that just shows the respect they have for you, and it's how you lead the team. I've always been a guy that's worked hard, and I think the coaches see that. Being voted by the coaches, it's an honor. Being voted by the fans is an honor. In this situation, a lot of people -- for me, having both now, it's pretty cool to be voted by the coaches knowing they respect what you've done for your team.

Q. If you could pick your all time starting All-Star team, who would make the starting five?
KYLE LOWRY: You've got to give me time for that. That's a question -- you go M.J. You go Magic, Vince, LeBron. You can go A.I. -- there are too many people.

Q. If you could pick your Mount Rushmore of best shooters in the league, who would you go for?
KYLE LOWRY: Best shooters in the league right now? Steph, Klay, J.J. Redick and -- I don't know. (Inaudible.)

Q. Kyle, three-point contest. Your style of shooting, do you have to do anything different to make sure you have more speed to make sure you're shooting the same shot every time?
KYLE LOWRY: Last year was kind of a rush. I felt like I kind of rushed through it. I had more time than I thought. I think now the second time going through it, it will be a little bit better for me. Three-point contest is just kind of -- you want to get hot, and you find that rhythm. If you find the rhythm, then it's over.

Q. Money ball placement. Any thoughts about that early on?
KYLE LOWRY: I don't know yet. I've got two spots on the floor. I haven't picked one yet, maybe top or left wing.

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