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February 17, 2017

Eric Gordon

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. It's Michael Jordan's birthday today. Do you guys still talk about him when you talk about players?
ERIC GORDON: Sure. There's people who talk about him daily. You can never forget a guy like that. He's the best player probably to ever play and he's still the greatest.

Q. What are your first memories of him as a player, and when did you first get to meet him?
ERIC GORDON: I met him when I was in high school. Favorite memories is just that run where -- that I can remember, when he retired, he came back and still won three more championships. He came back and won three in a row. Those are tough things to do.

Q. You've seen film and tape. When you hear older people talk about Jordan, how great he was, it's hard to believe he was that great, you know what I saying?
ERIC GORDON: He was like a human highlight film. He brought it every night. He fulfilled everybody's expectations.

Q. Eric, what's the change in scenery meant for you in your career to go from New Orleans to Houston?
ERIC GORDON: I think it's good. Change of scenery is always good. It was my decision to go to Houston. I just think here is great -- Houston is a great fit for me. They turned me into a major playmaker for this team and have given me the freedom to do what I want to on the court.

Q. Were you frustrated here?
ERIC GORDON: Frustrated here? You know, at times. It was a little bit dysfunctional. My role changed a lot. If I had the same freedom that I have here, it would have been a different result. It's always been a little dysfunctional. Not just for me, for everybody.

Q. Can you kind of elaborate what dysfunctional means?
ERIC GORDON: Dysfunctional means -- it could mean a lot of things. Like I said, my role has changed too. That's something I wasn't expecting when I first got here, got to New Orleans. Things happen, and you move on.

Q. We're six days away from the trade deadline, and presumably, you're not going anywhere. There are players in the league who have to move. You were traded once. Do you remember what that was like in terms of maybe just emotionally?
ERIC GORDON: It's tough. I got traded when I was young. I was 21. As a growing player, it's always tough. You're able to more understand it when you get older in the league and really realize things. But it's a business at the end of the day, and always remember that.

Q. Is there a change in basketball when you go from one team to another?
ERIC GORDON: It's everything. Like I tell people, people play very different. Coach may have a different style of play. It's all about how you're used by the coach. Every system is different.

Q. Which worked out for you, but at the time, you don't know that.
ERIC GORDON: Yeah, you never know that. It's all about trying to figure out a way to balance with the team.

Q. What would you say that you have in Houston with Mike D'Antoni that you didn't have here as far as being in the system?
ERIC GORDON: Ultimately, like just motivation in coaching, just the motivation and everything. He wants me to be the best player. He wants me to make a major impact every single night. Now I have the ball in my hands more here probably more than at any point in my career. It's fun to get back to doing that.

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