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February 17, 2017

Wesley Matthews

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. What makes Klay Thompson a tough competitor in games and contests like this?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: He's a tremendous scorer. A lot of people think of him as a shooter. He's a tremendous scorer. His shot is so quick he's hard to defend.

Q. How is it playing the All-Star game in New Orleans?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: It's incredible they were able to do this on short notice. Having the game scheduled in Charlotte and having to relocate and Mardi Gras coming up. For them to put all of this together is amazing. It's a blessing and an amazing experience to be a part of.

Q. What's the expectation?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: My expectation is to win. That's why I'm here.

Q. What's the dumbest dunk that you've ever tried?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: The dumbest dunk that I've ever tried on the court?

Q. Yes.
WESLEY MATTHEWS: I haven't tried many dumb dunks. If I'm going to dunk, I'm going to be 90 percent sure I'm going to make it.

Q. Even when you were growing up?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: When I was growing up, I would try to windmill on people.

Q. In games?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: Yeah, I would try to windmill on people. One hard fall, and you get over that one.

Q. From Mexico City. How was your trip to Mexico this season?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: It was great. It was great. It was a lot of fun. The game, the atmosphere was incredible. The altitude was crazy. But it was a good time.

Q. Since that game, the Mavericks have been winning, and they intend to get to the eighth place in the Western Conference. How do you feel about the team in general towards the end of the season?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: We've got to continue to fight, continue to battle, continue to do it together. We put ourselves in a position to play meaningful basketball games, whereas earlier in the season a lot of people had written us off due to our record.

We're a team filled with competitors. We're going to continue to work. We're used to winning. That's what I'm going to try to do.

Q. You're a tough competitor in the three-point contest. What are your best memories of All-Star Weekend when you were a child?
WESLEY MATTHEWS: When I was a kid, I usually just watched the dunk contest. I didn't really pay much attention to the three-point contest, let alone think I'd be participating in my second one. It's all kind of crazy for me right now.

Q. Wesley, what is it like to match up against Isaiah Thomas. He's 5'8", but he dominates. Describe what it's like.
WESLEY MATTHEWS: He's just one of those guys who plays with an edge, plays with a chip on his shoulder. He's gotten better every single year. He competes. A lot of people get so amazed with him being short. He's been short his whole life, so he learned how to adjust. He learned how to play. I think that's a testament to his work and just his will.

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