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February 17, 2017

D'Angelo Russell

New Orleans, Louisiana

Q. As of now, the Lakers have -- you guys have more wins than last season. Would you consider the season so far to be a success?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: I don't think we're judging the season on wins right now.

Q. What's the biggest difference between this season and last season in terms of how you attack the games personally?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: It seems slower. It seems easier, a little easier for me. Some nights are tough nights, depending on who your opponent is. One year in the league does a lot.

Q. This is the second year you're participating in the Rising Stars Challenge. Can we expect something different from you than last time?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Go out there and play harder. Last year we won. That's all that really matters.

Q. You had a great game last year. Are you going to be sharing that with some of the rookies on the U.S. Team, your experience from last year?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Yes. Last year we won having fun. Some guys here that are on my team and whatnot, I think I have experience they can take advantage of.

Q. You're friends with Karl-Anthony Towns. His progression from year one to year two, where have you seen the jump?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Last year, I don't think he really reached his peak last year. This year is the same way. His consistency, I would say, is what really stands out to me.

Q. Zach LaVine was the MVP last year with the Rising Stars. He recently tore his ACL. Do you have any messages for his him?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Praying for him. I think he's going to come back really strong.

Q. Do you think playing with your teammates gives you an advantage for this Rising Stars Challenge?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Honestly, no. Last year, when I was playing with my teammates, we weren't on the floor together, you know what I'm saying? I was a first-year guy, and they were a second and third-year guy. If we get the opportunity to play on the floor together, I would say yeah.

Q. What kind of advice do you give to Brandon [Ingram] on these type of events or on the court with the Los Angeles Lakers?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Out here or with the Lakers?

Q. Both.
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Just have fun.

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