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February 12, 2017

Barbara Rittner

Carina Witthoeft

Laura Siegemund

Maui, Hawaii, USA


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was an odd week. Can you just talk about the experience here on Maui this week.
CAPTAIN RITTNER: Oh, we've had quite a few experiences. We have a pretty bad travel agency. Hawaii is a beautiful and wonderful island, and I definitely try to come back for holiday one time.

Playing-wise, it was the really unlucky weekend for us. I think obviously worst thing that can happen is if someone gets injured, and we have two injured players.

That's not really nice thing. Talking about the matches, we didn't take our chances. We had chances yesterday. Andrea had chances in the first set. You never know what is happening if she wins that one.

Especially today she was just unable to finish it off. Yeah.

Q. Laura, how is the feeling?
LAURA SIEGEMUND: Yeah, I have something on my right arm and it was much better during the week. It was a lot better and, yeah, I hoped that I could play. Then in the warmup I had bad hit, I guess, again, and then another higher one volley.

After that it was very bad again. Seems like it's still not okay. Then you don't want to risk too much in a dead rubber. I mean, it's better to stop and not risk more.

Q. Carina, obviously this is your debut, and odd debut. Can you get a feel about Fed Cup in general? Too hard for that?
CARINA WITTHOEFT: I mean, it was a really great experience for me. I was for the first time here playing for Germany. Of course maybe next time it will be better for us.

Most important thing is that Laura and Julia are feeling better very soon. All in all it was a good week. I had a good practice week. We all had a good practice week.

Yeah, I hope next time the Fed Cup will be better, I mean the matches.

Q. Barbara, all the Fed Cups that you've played in and been involved in, have you ever seen one stranger than this, more unusual things that happened to you?
CAPTAIN RITTNER: I've had quite some Fed Cups, but, yeah, we were really unlucky if I see the whole picture.

But that's the way it is. Yeah, it was probably the worst Fed Cup on the most beautiful island. (Laughter.)

Yeah, but as I said, we didn't take our chances. That's how it is.

Q. Can you talk about the venue, the crowd? There was a solid German contingent here.
CAPTAIN RITTNER: Yeah, they were really good. 20, 25 people. It's unbelievable they take this long way all the way from Germany to holiday all the way to Hawaii to support us. We are really thankful for that. That's why we, in the end, went to them and said thank you.

They did a wonderful job. They were pretty loud and giving their best, so that's a good feeling to have fans like that.

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