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February 12, 2017

Andrea Petkovic

Maui, Hawaii, USA


3-6, 6-4, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Seemed like it was fairly comfortable for you to the 4-2 point in the second set. Did her taking the medical timeout bother you? What transpired after that?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: I just think at 4-2 I had 15-40 and I was playing well. I think she served really well in the decisive moments there. She had four first serves and then I played a bad game at 4-3.

I think in tennis it can change so quickly.

Then she was just serving really well in the third set. I never really got any rhythm to begin with. It was difficult for me to find my way or grind my way back into the match then in the third set.

Q. How difficult was the situation with Julia obviously yesterday falling and obviously not able to play today? How did that maybe...
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Honestly, it's been a really tough week for us. We've had a little bad luck with injuries, so it's not easy knowing that we have two girls standing in the team and you have to go out there.

It was extra pressure, you know, but that's how it goes. Sometimes just things align and things don't go our way. So, yeah.

Q. Can you talk about the crowd. There was a German contingent that was really vocal. Talk about the venue, the facility, surrounding...
ANDREA PETKOVIC: As I said yesterday, the crowd is fairly small for a Fed Cup crowd. I don't think I've played in front of such small crowd before. But still Fed Cup atmosphere and still nice to play.

I was so glad to see some German fans here in Hawaii. I never thought people would travel this far, but obviously with the nice scenery you can combine with some vacation.

So, yeah. Nothing else to add.

Q. With all the Fed Cups you've played in, you ever played in one that was more offbeat than the last couple days?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: What do you mean, offbeat?

Q. Unusual.
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Yeah, definitely this was one of the weirdest Fed Cups I have ever played, and I've played for 13 years.

You know, I thought I saw it all; apparently I didn't. That's always nice to experience new things I guess.

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