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February 12, 2017

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Always lovely to have the world No. 1 come and join us. 23 birdies and an eagle this week for a 12-under total. Is it a question of what might have been?
JASON DAY: Yeah, definitely. I think that, obviously, the third round is what killed me this week. Just got off to a bad start. I just, unfortunately, made mistake after mistake and got a couple of bad breaks. But you just can't be making those errors, especially if you want to win a tournament. The good part about that is that I've made a lot of birdies and an eagle. The hard part is to just try and minimize those mistakes and just slowly keep improving as the year goes on. I feel really good about my game. I just got to try and somehow just take the positives out of it, because, obviously, I could sit there and go, I didn't win the tournament because of round three, but there's a lot of positives coming out of it.

Q. Let's look at the eagle. The little pitch in here. Got it up to the front edge in two and then this.
JASON DAY: Yeah, this is a new green, which is a little bit harder and luckily enough to be able to place your ball, you can get underneath it a little bit and I played a perfect pitch there. It just, it's a shot that I've been working on over the last few weeks to really get that low kind of trajectory and be able to spin it and it worked out great.

Q. Your tee shot at 17. How much confidence do you take into next week the way you are swinging it? Because this is a quality shot.
JASON DAY: Yeah, to be honest, I'm trying to work on something with the way that I approach the golf shot mentally. Sometimes it works out just like this shot and sometimes it doesn't. The shots that, the hole before was where it didn't, I hit a great shot and I just, unfortunately, just clubbed up and hit a bad shot. But to be able to come back with a birdie on 17 and the birdie on 18 was, obviously, a good momentum push going into next week.

Q. 5-under par, great start, great finish, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie there. In the middle it looks like there was a few misses for you. Is that the case?
JASON DAY: Yeah, I think that, I was just explaining earlier that I'm just trying to work on just a bit of a different approach mentally. Just trying to get into a shot and sometimes it works out fantastic, and then the other times I'm just thinking about too much technique in my swing and you can't -- unfortunately, that's the ego side of me, the ego technical part of me is I want it to be perfect and great, but understandably it's not the correct way of going about it. So, I'm just really trying to make the full swing more the feel of how I chip and putt and hopefully, with some time and practice I can get that process right. And once I get that process right I'll feel a lot more comfortable over my shots and hopefully, hit it a lot better.

Q. The fact that you're trying to get it right and get it perfect but it wasn't and you shoot 5-under, is that something to build on for you?
JASON DAY: Yeah, I think I made 23 birdies and one eagle this week. So I made a lot of birdies and unfortunately, I made a lot of mistakes. I just, the good positive is that I'm making a lot of birdies. The negative is, obviously, I'm making silly little errors, short siding myself, making double bogeys, just shooting yourself out of the tournament. And this is my third event back and I'm really just trying to slowly improve and hopefully as the year goes on I tidy it up a little bit and win some more tournaments.

Q. After posting a 75 in the third round, how did you regroup and be able to finish 12-under?
JASON DAY: Well, I was very -- even though I shot 75, I felt pretty positive about how my game was progressing. A couple bad breaks yesterday and put on top of it a bunch of mistakes. Obviously, I just kind of played, I didn't play the way I usually play and I felt like deep down inside I was close to having a really good round. I didn't hit it as clean as I would like to today, but the short game was there and saved myself. I played the par-5s beautifully today and have good momentum going into next week.

Q. You told me before this tournament that you wanted to get into golf mode and get in the right place, mentally. Where are you now after this tournament?
JASON DAY: It's getting there, it's not quite there. Once again, I'm just trying to work out the hitting part and once I get that down, get back to not thinking so much about the technique, and get back to really hitting the shots and focusing on the target, that should tidy itself up.

I think that the short game is coming around nicely, the putting and the chipping, and it's just baby steps from here. I'm looking forward to next week. I haven't been back to L.A. for a while and hopefully, we get sun for the most part of the week and it will be fun to play.

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