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February 12, 2017

Rob Oppenheim

Pebble Beach, California

Q. (No Microphone.)
ROB OPPENHEIM: Top-10 was definitely one of my goals coming down the stretch. Jordan Spieth seemed like he was running away with it. And I made 18 a little more interesting than it needed to be, but to make a putt and know that I'll play next week is another opportunity that I'm looking forward to.

Q. Knowing what it took to get here and just missing your PGA TOUR card by a smidge of dollars, what does it mean to you and how satisfying is it to you to play good here?
ROB OPPENHEIM: It's great to take advantage. Bill Perocchi, the CEO here at Pebble Beach, a good friend, he was great, playing with him today. And just after playing with Bill Belichick the coach and Ricky Barnes, to have the Patriots win the Super Bowl and kind of have this it's been an amazing week a week I'll never forget and hopefully I can keep it going next week.

Q. What do you want to take away from here next week in order to keep the momentum?
ROB OPPENHEIM: Any time you contend like that, even though I wasn't good enough to win but I felt ready and just good to get confidence hopefully can carry the momentum to next week.

Q. When was the top-10 in your mind that you had the possibility of that happening and moving on to L.A.?
ROB OPPENHEIM: The last three holes. I 3-putted 14, 3-putted 15, and so then I was pretty comfortable, felt good, game felt good, so I wasn't really worried about it. And then once I did those two things, next thing you know now I saw myself falling down the leaderboard. And I always kind of look at the leaderboard, so, yeah, I saw where I was and I knew I still don't know what exactly where I finished, I just know I signed a thing in they're saying that I'll commit for next week, so that was pretty exciting. But yeah, and then the mess I was making on 18 was kind of -- you hate to do that, put the pressure on yourself -- I was up against a root, too, on that second shot or third shot and just, I was hoping to just get on the green somewhere and make bogey and hope that was good enough, to be honest with you. But to have a 10-footer or so and then make it, thinking that that was probably to get into L.A. next week was pretty exciting just to keep it going.

Q. To be able to pull it off, knowing that's on the line, what does that say about where your game's at?
ROB OPPENHEIM: Having things like that is nice, just to store in your memory bank. You know that you can look back and say, hey, I did have a putt on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach that meant something and to make it is always, it always feels good.

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