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February 12, 2017

Kelly Kraft

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Pebble Beach, it doesn't get any better than that, does it?
KELLY KRAFT: No, it's a pretty good spot. I love it out here. And I'm not surprised I played well. It's a fun week being here. Pebble is a special place.

Q. Fifth hole, you make a birdie here and a run of birdies. What's going through your mind as this run's going on?
KELLY KRAFT: I hit a great shot in here yesterday, too. The same exact club, maybe just a little less wind help. I got a little helpful bounce there from the fringe. But it was nice to -- yeah, I hit the 7-iron really good, just kind of faded it in there and it worked out.

Q. Having started 7 shots behind, and you are making that sort of run, are you trying to think, hey, maybe, just maybe?
KELLY KRAFT: Yeah, Jordan's just so far ahead starting. I would have liked to have made a few more putts on the back nine today to add a little pressure, but I couldn't make any putts really coming down the stretch. It was a good day. It was nice to get off to that hot start and kind of set the tone for the day.

Q. Jordan was having a quiet day, not making very many birdies. You came to the 11th and made a birdie to get within three. The tactics from there on in? To attack and try and get that gap down or just keep playing your game?
KELLY KRAFT: For sure. The back nine's harder because the whole thing played into the wind. And with the greens being as soft as they are, you really had to hit these little punch shots. You can't hit full shots into the greens, because the ball spins back too much. So it's, you're not used to hitting shots like that week in and week out, so it's a little different. So, but, I hit some good ones there, just didn't make any putts coming in.

Q. We heard from the commentators in the week, that Bryson DeChambeau recommended you go for the thicker grips on your clubs. Is that the case?
KELLY KRAFT: Yeah, he did. I've been playing kind of bigger grips for a while now. My hands are big and I need something that was a little better with sweaty hands and so I went with these jumbo maximum grips that he talked me into using and ever since I switched to them they have been great for me.

Q. What now, for the rest of this season, what sort of goals have you set with this in the bank and, obviously, a lot of money there and a good performance?
KELLY KRAFT: Hopefully, I get in a few more tournaments now playing out of this WEB.COM category and I'm just going to keep plugging away. I've been working hard with my coaches at home and it was nice to see the work finally pay off this week. It was really fun.

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