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February 11, 2017

Alison Riske

Maui, Hawaii, USA

A. RISKE/A. Petkovic

7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Why the tears out there when they were doing the ceremony?
ALISON RISKE: Yeah, well you know, it mean a lot when you play for your country. I'm always emotional when I talk about America. We're lucky to be living here and to represent America. Any time we can, it's a real honor.

It's a great group of girls and it's been an amazing week. When we're all together in the States, there is no chance I'm holding back tears.

Q. Tough first set. Took four set points in the tiebreaker. She had 2.
ALISON RISKE: I was fighting a lot of nerves. Like I said, we all want to win for our country, our team, our captain.

Yeah, I was fighting nerves up until then. I'm just happy that I was able to put us on the board, and I think Coco is looking great, too.

It's been a good day one for us.

Q. Andrea talked about the tiebreak being the key. Not hard to figure that out. How tough was having to take the break for the rain at 3-3? Did that effect you at all?
ALISON RISKE: Honestly, it wasn't a big deal. It was such a quick break. I just tried to be the one that was more aggressive in the tiebreaker, because usually that person is the one who's going to win the tiebreaker.

Just tried to get out there after the rain break and go after it. Yeah, I did have four set points to win it. After that, I felt like I was in a better place mentally just to have one set under my belt.

Q. (Question regarding momentum.)
ALISON RISKE: Definitely. I mean, it was an extremely close first set. If you lose that, you really got to rebound fast. If you're not in the right mental frame, you know, that can be difficult.

I was able to capitalize on that and keep it going in the second, which I thought it was pretty solid.

Q. Were you guys aware at all that the wrong stanza of the German National Anthem was played and Andrea was very upset?
ALISON RISKE: You know what, as it was happening obviously we have no idea. News got around to us, and it's extremely unfortunate. We have nothing but respect for the German team.

Obviously that will not happen again.

Q. You did get to talk to Kathy at 3-All in the tiebreaker or between the two sets with the rain breaks. Curious what she was asking you to do.
ALISON RISKE: No questions asked. They were mostly just statements to keep me my in the right frame of mind, just being relaxed. I think we talked the banana I was eating. Just random things to keep my mind off the moment. And honestly, it was perfect.

Q. Did you get the sense that the crowd was any different than they would've been at any other match?
ALISON RISKE: Any time, you know, you play in Fed Cup at home, I feel like there is a, you know, especially like out there, I just felt like I looked at the crowd and I just smiled and everyone would erupt. I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Can these people come everywhere? They were awesome.

Usually you give a smile and you don't know what the heck the crowd is going to do. They were extremely supportive. It was awesome.

Q. Took them a little while to warm up.
ALISON RISKE: What's that?

Q. Took them a little while to warm up.
ALISON RISKE: They were a little gun-shy at the beginning, but they got into it.

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