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February 11, 2017

Geoff Ogilvy

Pebble Beach, California

Q. (No Microphone.)
GEOFF OGILVY: We were the first group out this afternoon and the greens were amazing relative to what we have played the last two days because we have been at the back of the field for the last two days. The first nine holes it was nice to see the ball roll toward the hole smooth. We birdied the first two.

Andy holed out the 11th, second shot. Spun it back in the hole. We had a fun kind of start. It was one of those days that just start like that. I think that draw-wise, we -- starting on 10 this early today was a good deal, because you get these holes in and they weren't that in yet. And by the time it got strong we were already coming down wind. So I think that it felt like an opportunity. But, yeah, I was just hoping to get, hoping that Jordan didn't do anything and I went crazy. But just get a little bit closer to have some chance. It's one of those weird sort of tournaments where you kind of grind away for three days and then sometimes you got a chance on Sunday and you didn't even like think about it. It's hard to work out what's going on until Saturday night. It's nice, I've missed more cuts here than I made, I think, so that's kind of nice to just have a chance, well not, a chance probably but like an outside chance.

Q. What do you need for a proper chance?
GEOFF OGILVY: What's he at, 14? Coming in on -- well, if he finishes at 14, I'm six back. 7-under or something. 8-under maybe. He's not going to shoot over par, is he? Who knows, it's Pebble Beach. That's a nice answer, but I wouldn't know, who knows. Even I'm guessing.

Q. How did you play the first three days?
GEOFF OGILVY: Thursday, I played really well. It was tough, really hard. I was 1-over when we got called, and then I came out and had a birdie, finished at even, which was a good round. The weather we played with Thursday was horrible.

Then Friday, just kind of chipping away. I was always doing all right I just wasn't making any birdies, and then I birdied the last two last night before the fog delay, which is always -- makes going to bed a lot easier than not. Like it's nothing, there's a lot worse. But it's a horrible feeling when you bogey or you hit a bad shot before they blow the horn. It just leaves you with 18 hours of like, really? So I was quite -- and we got -- I don't know it's kind of gone nicely. I've played okay, and then, finally, today I played relatively -- they went in, the putts.

Q. Silly question. Is it more fun the last two days or today?
GEOFF OGILVY: Today by a long stretch.

Q. I had more fun watching you guys in the elements, but whatever.
GEOFF OGILVY: I like that. Like I don't mind that, but we're at Pebble and the sun's out. I mean, and Andy, I mean, we met a couple of times at this tournament and like Julien brought, kind of like texted a little bit and we're kind of like digital friends a little bit. Because they have hung out like when we were playing like a group or a group behind.

Q. Personally or digitally?
GEOFF OGILVY: Personally, they hung out at this tournament a couple of times, I think and then since. And we kind of always setup to kind of do this if we both played the same year. So it was fun, it was great, had a great time. He flew in late Wednesday night and it's -- they got a lot of these ams fly in Wednesday night and they come out Thursday morning and it's raining like this and it's windy and it's like, seriously? Maybe this wasn't that good an idea. But, yeah, it worked out.

Q. Fantastic round. Clean card, too, with a 66. That's a big smile. You should smile on that one. How was it?
GEOFF OGILVY: 66 at Pebble you got to be happy any day, really. Any day you get to play Pebble is happy. Just got off to a really cool start. I think we got a good draw by playing off 10, because we played the holes, you play the whole back nine in the wind and it wasn't that strong yet and by the time it got stronger we were coming back down wind again which was kind of a good draw, I think. Birdied the first two holes. Andy holed out the 11. Sucked it back in the hole and it was all exciting. So it was one of those rounds that got off to a fun start, where everyone was in a good mood. And made a few putts, especially on the last seven or eight holes I made the par putts I needed to make which even from short range here get tough. I had a couple of good birdie putts so and an unbelievable shot into 8, one of the best shots I've hit for years, so, as I said, Pebble in the sun shine and then 6-under or whatever it is, yeah, happy days.

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