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February 11, 2017

Brandt Snedeker

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 6, 7, 8, 9 aren't supposed to be that easy. You made it look easy today.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah. I kept telling myself to be patient. I'm playing good. I got off to kind of a rough start this morning, I made a couple bogeys early. And I knew the front nine at Pebble you can get going. You can make some birdies. And I made a great up-and-down at 2 and that kind of got me going.

I made one putt on 3 putt and the rest of them were all kick-in birdies. So I had a good chance here on 9 to finish another one. But all in all kind of fought back today, got myself back in the tournament, got a chance tomorrow. For whatever reason this place seems to bring out my best so I'm looking forward to tomorrow and challenge. It looks like Jordan's got me by a couple, so we're going to go have some fun, make some birdies tomorrow and try and put some pressure on him.

Q. Talk about that decision on the 7th tee. It looked like you took a lot of time deciding exactly where or what club you wanted to hit.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah. Your driver kind of pinches in on you a little bit. If you hit 3-wood off the tee there -- oh, sorry yeah, 3-wood pinches in there a little bit, 5-wood can really run out. So I said, you know what, we're playing good, let's be aggressive, let's try to get it up there close and give yourself a shorter iron in. And I hit a great 3-wood and good 6-iron there a couple feet. You're just trying to make par there and got lucky, hit one close. And I've been waiting to get some of those kick-ins for birdies that you need when you're out there. Especially on these greens, it's hard to make a lot of long ones, so you need to kind of get those kick-ins to kind of get your momentum going and I was able to do that today, which was nice.

Q. Do you feel like the draw served you well today?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Definitely. When you got these holes, 8, 9, 10, downwind versus the opposite, having it into the wind, definitely helps out a lot. Pebble, under these kind of conditions, is very gettable. It was not gettable the first day. Those guys got kind of barbecued over here. I was on Monterey. Monterey was no cake walk either, so everything always works out.

Q. You know the front nine's going to be a little bit easier, what changed in your favor?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: I hit really good drive on 2, I had a great warm-up today and the front nine for whatever, I hit terrible and I knew it was in there I knew it was going to come out at some point. Hit a great drive on 2 and made a great birdie there.

3, I hit another great drive and I kind of felt like something clicked at that point. I didn't really miss a shot the rest of the day. I think I was within a couple feet of where I was looking and kind of built off, kind of kept pulling back to that warm-up session I had this morning and I've been hitting it great all week. So if you're going to have a bad stretch of nine holes, we got mine out of the way, hopefully, today and go out there tomorrow and try and build on what I did this afternoon.

Q. The way it looks right now, if you are playing with Jordan tomorrow, what's the key to that, especially when he's got a few shot lead on you?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: It's funny, Jordan's going to be outnumbered, we got three Tennesseeans in that group, so it will be a lot of fun to get in there.

But the front nine will be huge tomorrow, the first seven holes, I got to go out there and make some birdies and put some pressure on him. If you don't get the first seven holes at Pebble, you're going to have a long day, so I know what I have to do. Jordan's been playing great all year, I've seen it up close and personal, and we're good friends. We're going to have some fun, but I'm definitely going to put some pressure on him.

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