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February 11, 2017

Justin Timberlake

Justin Rose

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Delighted to be joined by Justin Timberlake and Justin Rose.
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Can I just jump on here and say, when I'm on tour in England, all I watch is Sky Sports, so this is like a real treat to finally be on the show.

Q. I did not tee him up to say that. Thank you very much --
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: And that's real talk.

Q. Thank you very much indeed.
JUSTIN ROSE: It's real golf today.

Q. Justin, you're out there on an iconic golf course -- Rosie, I should say -- on a beautiful day, 68, beautiful, sunny day, out there with your great friend, how much fun have you had today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Today is one of the most fun days of golf I've had, certainly, in any type of pro-am format. That was incredible. We came in with like a glimmer of hope today to try and make the cut and this guy brought his A game today. It was incredible. Chipping in, holing putts, carrying me. Every time I made bogey, he doubled down and made a net birdie. So it was amazing out there. And like you say, walking up the 18th at Pebble is a special moment. But to share it with JT today was incredible.

Q. Got some highlights to show you. First of all, the best shot of the day Justin Timberlake, please describe 7.
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Man, I played that -- we had some wind coming off the back and I just tried to play it down. Oh, my gosh. That would have been something, right.

JUSTIN ROSE: This guy is all over. When the crowds turn up, he plays his best or when there's the iconic 7th hole at Pebble, he'll stiff it. You know what I mean?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I just close my eyes, really.

JUSTIN ROSE: It's all skill.

Q. You chipped in at 16 and then again at 17. What about this one?
JUSTIN ROSE: Do you know what he said before chipping this one in? He said, you know what, Willie Mac, this one might go in, too.


Q. And then you follow him in for 2 as you did at the 7th. So you were doing your own stuff as well.
JUSTIN ROSE: He made me very aware that it was my turn to contribute.

Q. You then get to the final hole, Justin finally, Rosie, a highlight for you?
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: What a shot, dude.

JUSTIN ROSE: I'm going to give Fulch some credit here. Obviously, my chip ran through the back and it was lovely to finish with a birdie, but Fulch said, come on Rosie, now make a good read here, you can still make this. So he kept me positive on that 18th hole and my man had my back putting for net birdie, too. But, hey.

Q. Justin, what's it like to compete alongside these guys when they're competing in a PGA TOUR event?
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Oh, man, we, the first day, Thursday, we got hit with, I mean, I wouldn't even dream of playing golf in the elements we got hit with. And to watch this guy who was obviously a very good friend, but to watch him really go to work and like hit the ball in the 40-mile-an-hour wind with rain and just smash it through it, it's like you're like, oh, yeah, these guys are really good.

Q. Has he ever managed to drag you up on stage?
JUSTIN ROSE: Heck, no.


JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, no. And then obviously we got it at Spyglass. There's always a guy back there with a guitar and obviously just a glimpse into his world when JT picks up a guitar and just did something acapella for a group of 20 people and you're like, all right, that's pretty special too. So we're all good at our thing.

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