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February 10, 2017

Barbara Rittner

Carina Witthoeft

Laura Siegemund

Andrea Petkovic

Julia Goerges

Maui, Hawaii, USA

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Can you guys speak a little bit about the draw, the order of play?
COACH RITTNER: Well, the draw it's always a big thing for the media. Who's playing for us, it's actually not a big deal. I mean, it's no huge surprises. No. 1 and No. 2 of the United States are playing, and that's actually what we expected a little bit.

We like that Andrea starts, but even it she doesn't, it's not a big deal.

Q. Andrea, how do you feel about starting?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Yeah, I like it. I always prefer that because I like to be 100% there for my teammates, whoever plays after me in this case. If I play second I can't really be there 100%. I have to focus on my match.

So I always prefer to start in Fed Cup. Not generally. I am more a night person than a morning person, but here with the jet lag everything it's fine. We wake up very early.

So I think that's how I prefer it as least.

Q. Julia, how do you feel about going second?
JULIA GOERGES: Well, we are kind of used to it because when we always played singles Andrea always started. I think also in the last tie against U.S.

So I can't complain. I mean, I don't mind if I start or play second. In this case we had, yeah, some good memories of it, so can't be wrong.

Q. (No microphone.)
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Our team or the U.S. team? Our strengths?

COACH RITTNER: Oh, our strength is always that we are a team. I think that's the main important thing, what we are known for, and what the other teams feel. I think I can feel it. As well as we have really good players, like experienced and good players in our row.

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