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February 10, 2017

Robert Garrigus

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Strong finish for you.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, it was a bit dicey last night. I don't know if it was playable. Coming out this morning there was no wind and it was, it is wet, it's going to be wet all week.

But made a good birdie on 7 and 8 there was a really good birdie.

So I hit a 4-iron out of the rough from 180 yards on 9 and just laced it at the flag and made a good par there. So it was a good finish to the day.

Q. Was fog a problem? We had some groups held in place out here. Was fog a problem for you?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Not really. I'm a feel guy and if I kind of know where I'm hitting it anyways, I could feel it off the face. We really couldn't see much on the 9th there.

8 was okay. I could still see the flag.

But it was coming in waves. It was all right, just wait a couple minutes and you could see the flag and just hit it.

Q. Headed over to Pebble Beach now, maybe a calm day, ball in hand, I would suspect that with receptive greens, that you're anxious to get over there.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. I'm not so anxious to putt on those receptive greens because of the spike marks and the footprints, but -- and I'm accepting that. So it's going to be a good day regardless, get to play Pebble Beach, get to play golf for a living, it's a good deal, so I'm looking forward to it.

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