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February 9, 2017

Mark Hubbard

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 69 in those conditions. Describe just how happy you are with that?
MARK HUBBARD: I'm very happy. We definitely played, 9 my last hole as a par-5 and I think it played more like a par-5 than any of the actual par-5s today. So that just shows how tough it was playing. So I'm excited with that start.

Q. You mentioned the par-5s, you were 4-under for the par-5s. Two birdies and an eagle. What was the key to success on those holes?
MARK HUBBARD: I just tried to stay aggressive all day. I think last week I played the par-5s really poorly and I think I was a little too tentative on them. So today I just was playing 3-woods and trusting my short game to get me out of trouble if I didn't hit it good. But I did hit it good.

Q. 5-under par for 11 holes on a day like today. What was going through your mind at that stage? Don't mess this up?
MARK HUBBARD: To be honest, it really wasn't that bad on my front nine. It was windy but we didn't have any of this rain and it wasn't this cold. So I thought it was gettable. The greens were great this morning. It really wasn't until number 4 or 5, so my 13th hole, where it got really nasty. And at that point I was just glad I had a little bit of a cushion.

Q. What's the most difficult thing when it got really tough out there, what's the most difficult aspect of the game?
MARK HUBBARD: Club selection. Judging. Because there's a lot of holes that you're dead into the wind, but long is the ocean. So it's hard to get yourself to hit the club that's in your hand that you know is the right club, because you think you're just going to hit it in the middle of the Pacific. And then putting is pretty tough. The greens got soft and bumpy as poa annua does, and then you're getting blown over and stuff, I mean. But, yeah, just stayed patient and survived.

Q. The 18th green at Pebble Beach is a very special place to you. Explain to us why.
MARK HUBBARD: Yeah. I got engaged here two years ago. We were joking coming up that if there was a day like this, would I still have done it? I don't know. I think it would have been hard to hear anything I had to say over the wind until we got inside to the lodge.

Q. Special memories. Good playing this week.
MARK HUBBARD: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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