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February 9, 2017

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Talk about today, how pleased are you with that round considering the conditions. It got pretty raw out there.
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was tough. The wind was pretty stiff. And then, obviously, the rain. But luckily enough for me today we got to tee off pretty early. Going an hour earlier was nice for us. I think we only had probably four holes in the rain. But I think the hardest part about today was to commit to a shot. The commitment was huge if you could get that down. Obviously, the misses were tighter. And I think if you can miss somewhere on the fairways and the greens, give yourself a putt, an opportunity, you have a good score.

Q. The greens were a little mushy, a lot of footprints. They're small greens, too. Is that a problem?
JASON DAY: Yeah. There's really I think the only really tough one was the third, the par-3. That started to get, because it's down in that little bowl and there's not a lot of wind that blows through there, so it started getting a little soft on that one. But for the most part with how much rain that we have had, especially in the month of January, and then coming into this week and what we had today, I think it played pretty well. So, heading to Spyglass tomorrow so, hopefully, the greens are good but usually that's not the case there, so just try and do exactly what I did today.

Q. Finally, your game, where is it right now, haven't soon you play a lot, thought you played solid today. You look great. It looks like you lost some weight and got pretty buff. Where is the game?
JASON DAY: Yeah, the game feels good. It's just, I got to just keep working at it. It's a process when it comes to this stuff. You can't always come out and dominate. And when things aren't going your way, you just got to keep working hard to try and get out of it. I feel good with how things are going and progressing, so I've just got to get back into playing mode, just trying do the best job I can. But, yeah, you're right, I have lost some weight, which has been nice. And that's just due to the fact that I've just been injured with my back. And I think that getting a little bit stronger in the back and the core has helped a lot with the stuff going forward.

Q. How good was that round given these conditions?
JASON DAY: Yeah. I feel pretty good with how things are going. Obviously, I think coming out today and shooting a couple under par with how the conditions are, obviously, the conditions are going to get a little bit softer and as the week goes on. But I think the wind's going to die down, which is nice. So, to be able to get out there and shoot a 2-under par round was pretty nice. Like I said before, the hardest part about today was actually comitting to the shot more so than anything because you had a lot of side winds today and I think the course setup nice for a left-handed golfer. The wind that we don't usually play. So, looking forward to is Spyglass tomorrow and hopefully, we get some good greens out there.

Q. What are a couple of the bigger challenges you had out there?
JASON DAY: There was a little left-to-right drives out there. We started on the back side this morning, so the par-5s starting off, I mean, it is pretty wide, the fairways. But with how strong the wind is getting, the par-3s definitely played strong. I think that's definitely, obviously, a tougher wind that we play than we usually play. So I just tried to stay as patient. I mean, sometimes playing golf is easy and you can go through and some weeks are easy, and then weeks like this where you just have to keep grinding. So like I said, commitment and just keep grinding was the hardest thing today.

Q. Grateful you teed off when you did?
JASON DAY: Yeah, definitely. I think that we only had four holes in the rain. So, obviously, we're underneath some cover now and you can kind of hear the rain and the wind coming through. Hopefully, it doesn't get too nasty where it does stop play, but we obviously want to finish.

Q. Be nice to be sunny out there, but do you kind of welcome these conditions or expect it?
JASON DAY: Yeah. It's hit and miss because some weeks are tremendous out here and then some weeks are just absolutely terrible. But that's just the West Coast Swing, it can kind of be a little iffy with the rain and the weather up here. But fortunately, unfortunately, sometimes you can get lucky with the draw, especially where you're playing. I think if you were playing at Spyglass today it definitely helped a little bit, especially with some of the cover in the trees. But you've just got to take what you can get and try and win the tournament at the end of the week.

Q. How conscious are you of the rankings? Jordan talked about, yesterday, the kind of wide open race among the top-5 or -6. As the season kind of gets going here, how much do you think about it?
JASON DAY: World Rankings?

Q. Yeah.
JASON DAY: That's one thing that you kind of have to try and not focus on. I said a little bit earlier that you have to kind of stick to the process of trying to get back to winning form, try and focus on what made me good last year and try and replicate that for this year. The only way that you can keep yourself up the top of the World Rankings is win. With the way Dustin's playing, Rory's playing at the end of last year, and Jordan's always playing great golf, there's plenty of young golfers that are coming up trying to accomplish that feat of being the best golfer in the world. But, once again, I just got to focus on the process and hopefully, the results come after that.

Q. Is it hard not to think about it --

Q. -- when you're No. 1?
JASON DAY: Yeah, every now and then. I mean, there's a lot more expectation that's on your shoulders. You don't want to lose it, but in the end, you can't really do much about a guy that's going to come out and play well. The only way you can do is just control what you can do and hopefully, everything takes care of itself. But, once again, you're sitting there at night going, I wish I could stay here for 684 weeks, you know. But at the end of the day, you just got to do the best job you can.

Q. Do you allow yourself to enjoy it? Because Jordan talked yesterday about guys always chasing him when he was the No. 1. Do you really sit back?
JASON DAY: It's hard to enjoy. Because, once again, you got a lot more commitments, more fans, more stuff that go ahead -- go along with it. I mean, it is fun to be the best in the world and there's a lot of good perks that come with it. But, once again, I would not change it for the world. I think if I could stay here for the next 10 years, I definitely would. Because it's just great to be the best at the sport you love. I don't know what Jordan said, but it is tough and it is mentally grinding at times, but that's why we practice and work so hard to be here.

Q. What's the single best perk?
JASON DAY: Well, sometimes if you name drop a little bit, you can get into places a lot easier.


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