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February 5, 2017

Louis Oosthuizen

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. You have been kind enough to join us. Shooting 65. Birdie putt at 9. We heard you have a new putter in the bag, but it's not a new one. It's Old Faithful?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, Old Faithful. I have been putting well with it. Last week I tried something different, but I went back to the one I like.

Yeah, it's good this week. I definitely left a lot out there this week, but I made some good putts, as well.

Q. The tee shot at 17, obviously at this stage you're 1 behind. You make birdie here to get into a tie. Talk us through this one.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was one of those aim a little down the right and let it rip. It's such a difficult pitch to that back pin, and I was trying just to get a putt, trying to get a two-putt. But even that putt was, after nearly chipped in the water, it was a tough one to go at with the putter.

Q. The putt at 18. How significant could this be?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I'm probably just one or two short. But I think it meant a lot. Two bogey-free rounds on Saturday and Sunday, and, you know, I had a lot of opportunities. It was just that awkward bunker shot, awkward distance. With the 54-degree it's such a difficult shot, and I just caught it a little heavy.

I had a good week. I'm very happy.

Q. You won't be leaving, will you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, definitely. I will sit around and see what goes.

Q. Beautiful 65 today. Bogey-free these last 36 holes. Talk to me about the first two days. I was watching you and you had so many opportunities. Could have been even lower than 60 and under.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I had lots of opportunities this week on the greens. Struggled a bit the last few days speed-wise. I left a lot of putts short.

But, yeah, in total, you know, I gave myself all the opportunities there, and I made good putts. I probably missed a few really makable ones today, but all in all, very happy with the week.

Q. Now, right now as it stands, you're one behind. Are you going to hang around? Never know what might happen on this golf course.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I'll hang around. But it's probably going to be, you know, not enough.

I thought in my head really today I had to shoot 8-under to have a chance. But, yeah, we never know what's going to happen.

Q. Do you think there will be a playoff?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Probably going to be one. You never know.

Q. What was your mindset going into this round?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Start fast. Really, you know, try and put up birdies early on. Really, I couldn't do that, but I gave myself a lot of opportunities.

I missed a few makables but also made a few very good putts and putted beautifully at the end there coming in. So I will take a lot out of this week, especially on putting. But, yeah, drove the ball well. I played nicely.

Q. First time you have played here?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, first time. I mean, I don't think anywhere in the world you're going to find better weather than we did this week. It was perfect golf weather, not a breath of air.

It's just beautiful conditions. Greens were running beautifully. It was just a nice week to play golf.

Q. Your takeaway of coming here and being amongst the crowd? Obviously new to you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It's awesome. I think we should have that more, especially with I think the distance -- I think it would be tricky if you're standing with a 4-iron and there's a lot of water and stuff in play.

The crowds were magnificent this week. It was an unreal feeling once you got on the 16th tee. I think everyone this week probably hit the ball further on that hole with the adrenaline pumping.

Q. What prompted the decision to play here? Was it the 1 in 4 deal?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Not really. You know, I wanted to play this event a few times for my sponsor, Ping. I always thought of the Middle East, the Dubai events. This year I'm focusing more on PGA TOUR. Made sense to start it early and come and join the guys here.

Q. What is it about this course? We could get the seventh come-from-behind winner in the last eight. How does it set up well?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I think it's that type of course. You know you can shoot 8-, 9-under if you drive it well and get the putter going. You know, if you drive it well around this golf course, you're going to have short irons into the greens and can stick it within 15 feet most of the time.

So if you're putting well, you can really push hard in the beginning. Then a lot of pressure is then on the leaders. So by the time they tee off, you know, they might only have a one-shot lead. It's definitely that type of golf course. With the finish for this year, there is a lot of birdies.

Q. How did the atmosphere compare to what you have heard about it and what your expectations were coming in?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Well, Thursday was very calm. Friday was hectic. Saturday was chaos (smiling).

But it was good. It was really -- it was great to see that and to have that adrenaline on a golf course. I think today there is probably a few people from yesterday who are resting.

Different crowd today. It's really nice, and I would love to come back.

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