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February 5, 2017

Webb Simpson

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. Not the outcome you were looking for, but how satisfying is it to see the changes you're making in your game which held up to get you to this point today?
WEBB SIMPSON: I'm thrilled to death with kind of the state of the game. Hideki is a great player. I knew he was going to be a tough competitor in the playoff.

It's disappointing, just the way I finished, finished with birdie-birdie, to not come out on top. But it's been a while since I have been in contention. You know, I think it was at Colonial back in May. So it's been quite a while.

My hat's off to him. He's a great player. Yeah, I'm excited to get back out next week.

Q. What was your reaction when you came up here and saw the shot you had here at 17 in the playoff?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, you know, it's funny, this hole, I hit we thought a better drive in regulation, and it was short of the green or on the front edge.

This one, it was kind of right where I was looking. This is kind of the dreaded spot on 17 with this pin. I knew I didn't have a whole lot. If I'd hit the first putt harder, I could have gotten it probably eight feet closer. But, yeah, you know, I actually thought I made the birdie putt. We had it going left of the hole. Looked like it went well right of the hole.

Q. What a brilliant round to get yourself into this playoff. What were you thinking when you got to your golf ball here at 17 in the fourth playoff hole and saw what kind of shot you had to face here?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was disappointing. You know, that pin is so hard. This is the one place you can't really be.

You know, in regulation we had a little more wind, and I got it on the front edge. I didn't think I could even get it here. It must have taken a big bounce. I thought I made my birdie putt, but hats off to Hideki.

Q. You came in at 71st in the FedExCup points. You will really get a great bump. Talk about the change you made in your putting.
WEBB SIMPSON: I talked to Bernhard Langer on the phone a few months ago, and his advice was just be creative, try a couple different things, try to get relaxed and comfortable.

I think in the past couple years I just hadn't done a good job of getting relaxed and comfortable. I fidgeted here and there and finally found something I felt comfortable with. It seems to be working the last few tournaments.

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