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February 4, 2017

Severin Luthi

Adrien Bossel

Henri Laaksonen

Birmingham, Alabama


7-6, 6-3, 7-6

An interview with:

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Severin, to you, your thoughts straight after the match. What are you feeling at the moment? Obviously disappointment. Can you just express your feelings?
CAPTAIN LUTHI: Yeah, like always, if you lose, it's disappointed that you lost. You know, I mean, I'm never like happy when we lose or if I lose. Even if it's card games or whatever, I'm never happy.

So disappointed. But, again, I have to say the same as yesterday. It wasn't the performance of the players at all, you know. I thought they gave everything. They were, yeah -- they had chances first and third set, and unfortunately we just couldn't make it.

Yeah, happy with the performance. I think there is a reason also why those guys are so high ranked. Unfortunately that came out at the end.

Q. You still have two more matches to play tomorrow. Is there anything in particular -- obviously disheartened by the outcome of today, but what do you take into the match tomorrow? Just the best you can do?
CAPTAIN LUTHI: Yeah, like always, when you play for your country you're going to try your best. Just quickly spoke now with Henri. I told him I think he shouldn't play. He played a lot of tennis coming into the Davis Cup. He's not 200% fit, so I think he should rest and get ready for the next tournament.

The guys playing for the next matches are going to give their best for their country.

Q. Henri, on the point Severin just made, was that a factor today after yesterday's disappointment and coming back today? How are you feeling generally on the court?
HENRI LAAKSONEN: I mean, I felt fine on the court. Yeah, I think the guys were better. We had our chances on the first and third set. I don't think what happened yesterday or week ago had any influence on my game today.

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