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February 4, 2017

Jon Rahm

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. 6-under 65, third round. It's a heck of a round, but is there a little sense of frustration there, given that the opportunity might have slipped a little bit?
JON RAHM: Quite a bit. Yeah, I started off amazing. That back 9 that I played, my first 9, was really, really good golf. You know, I don't play that good often.

Made all the putts I had to make. I really created some momentum. And I kept it going on 1 and 2, really had a lot of confidence, couple really good drives and good shots. Missed the putt on 1 and made the one on 2. Then that drive on 3 was just a bad swing.

That's kind of what started a little bit of the mood on the back 9, right? I was still hitting really good shots, but they weren't as pure as the other ones or as precise, and I wasn't hitting it as close. I hit a couple of really good putts I thought I made. They just didn't drop.

And last hole, little bit of anger out of that bunker. I hit a gap wedge. I don't know how far it was, but it was a really long gap wedge. Really good putt. It was a great putt that slipped away.

But besides that, from like No. 3 to 8, it really was a little bit of a, you know, a little bit of less confidence on the strokes, on the swings. That's probably why it just didn't happen.

Q. When you go out on 3rd, are you thinking 62, 63 is very possible?
JON RAHM: I wasn't thinking. I just wanted more. I just wanted more. For some reason, I haven't been able to score on those holes.

Whenever I missed the green, I haven't been able to get the up-and-down like I usually do like I did last week. You know, it's really costed me a couple of shots, especially out of the bunker, not being too precise. Instead of hitting inside three-, four-foot circle, I made it inside the ten-foot circle, which is not as accurate as usually I am, so makes it a little more difficult.

Hopefully tomorrow everything falls in place again.

Q. What is this atmosphere like, especially that environment on 16? You pull out the Tillman jersey. You play to the crowd and you make birdie. How do you describe it?
JON RAHM: It's really a lot more fun when you hit the green close. They really support you a lot more.

Even this year, they're starting to boo you if you miss a 20-footer for birdie, which it happened two years ago. It's a little different.

But it's amazing. It's great. Right off the bat, I get a lot of support from all the guys there. A couple of UofA guys that try to throw me off, but really doesn't happen. The ASU guys overpower those.

To be able to hit a close one there for the fans, it was fun. Just to drop the putt, it makes it a lot more fun. That's probably why my mood kept being so good even after where the ball ended up on 18. It's so great to know I have so many people pulling for me.

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