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February 2, 2017

Severin Luthi

Marco Chiudinelli

Henri Laaksonen

Adrien Bossel

Antoine Bellier

Birmingham, Alabama

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the Swiss Davis Cup team.

Q. Rankings don't really matter, or do they matter, in Davis Cup when it comes to who plays against whom?
MARCO CHIUDINELLI: Well, I mean, it still does. Obviously, I mean, in any tournament, any competition, there can be surprises. We've seen it in Melbourne. Most of the times the higher-ranked players still win the majority of their matches.

It's obviously not an advantage to be the lower-ranked guy. But we do know that surprises are possible sometimes. We will try to build on that.

Q. Is there an aspect of the U.S. team that you might look to exploit, to take advantage this weekend?
CAPTAIN LUTHI: I think, first of all, it's important that we focus on ourselves, not too much on the American team. We will play our game. Yeah, that's the main thing for us.

Q. (Question regarding matchups.)
CAPTAIN LUTHI: I think those two guys have the most experience. They are the players who beat the best-ranked opponents so far.

Yeah, they're our best two singles players at the moment.

Q. (Question regarding a quiet stadium because the Swiss are doing well.)
CAPTAIN LUTHI: If you play away, it's always rather an advantage or a good sign if it's a rather calm stadium.

But I think all of our players, they enjoy also the Davis Cup atmosphere, with a lot of people. We don't play in front of so many peoples every day, so it's exciting.

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