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February 3, 2017

Mark Steinberg

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. What happened? Tell us about it.
MARK STEINBERG: Felt okay coming off the golf course yesterday. So he wasn't in pain. Dinner last night. I didn't see him at dinner but said he was okay. And went into a spasm in his lower back, fairly late last night after dinner.

Tried to work it out last night. Didn't really get it worked out. Had treatment starting pretty early this morning, for probably the past three, 3 1/2 hours, and he can't get the spasm -- it's a back spasm.

He says it's not the nerve pain that's kept him out for so long. He says it's a back spasm and he just can't get the spasm to calm down. So that's where we are. Feels terrible. Talked to Matthew and Danny, feels awful, and he feels terrible for the tournament.

Q. Can he move?
MARK STEINBERG: Oh, yeah, he can move around. He can't make a full rotation on the swing.

Q. Is this something that's been happening over the last few months, as well, off and on?
MARK STEINBERG: Yeah, I mean, I think spasms are a funny thing. I'm certainly no doctor but they come and go. And again, the fact that he feels as though it's not the nerve pain, that's very encouraging for him.

Q. Has this happened before?
MARK STEINBERG: Yeah, he's had some spasms before. No doubt about it.

Q. What is the treatment now? What does he do from here?
MARK STEINBERG: He's got to get the spasm to calm down from what I gather. He has his trainer here, which is good, and that's who has been working on him for the past several hours.

So yeah, he'll get it to calm down, and yeah, hoping that -- forget about the long term; the short-term prognosis, he hopes he'll be strong; based on the fact that it's not that nerve pain I just alluded to.

Q. Did he have any issues with this last week?
MARK STEINBERG: No. Not that I'm aware.

Q. Sort of came out nowhere?
MARK STEINBERG: It did. Like I said, I think he talked to you guys right when he got off the course yesterday, and said no pain. Just not great play. And I saw him before he went to dinner last night, no pain. And it's just one of those where it just happened. I'm not aware of anything last week, at all, or yesterday during the round.

Q. Is he still planning to attend the clinic this afternoon?

Q. The clinic this afternoon.
MARK STEINBERG: I don't think there was ever a clinic planned, no.

Q. The long flight, is that any issue, do you think?
MARK STEINBERG: I'm sure there's -- I'm sure there's so many different factors that could play into it. I just couldn't know what causes a back to go into a spasm.

Look, he doesn't have the strongest back in the world, right. So it's probably easier to spasm because of the -- because of the issues he's had. So I'm sure there's a variety of factors that can play into it.

But he wanted to be here. He wants to be here. He just feels terrible that he can't, you know, finish it out today.

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