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September 14, 2000

Loren Roberts


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Loren Roberts who came in at 4-under today. We're going to try and keep it a little brief because we're going to try and give Loren a couple minutes to get back out there and practice. Loren, why don't you quickly go over your round and go over your birdies and bogeys.

LOREN ROBERTS: Made about a 35-footer for birdie on 10 today from the right side. Got an early wake-up call because it was going to be probably 10 feet by if it did not hit the hole. And then kind of gave that good break back at the next hole. Made a double-bogey, kind of chipped it around and missed the putt. It took me four shots to get on the green and 2-putt it. But then played solid all the way around until the last hole. But I birdied the 12th hole from probably about four feet. And then made another good birdie at 17. Made about a 15-footer there. And then hit it two feet at 18 and made birdie there. Made a really good putt from probably about 20 feet below the hole at 1 for birdie. Just chipped it in the hole for birdie from maybe 15 feet away on the right fringe over there on 5, the par 5. Hit it probably two feet from the hole at No. 8 for birdie and then made the bogey at 9.

Q. Where were you on 9? That's the toughest green on the course.

LOREN ROBERTS: I drove it in the right trees. I pitched out and I didn't pitch it out far enough. It was too far from the hole to really try to get aggressive up there. I hit it left but it came all the way back but I made a good putt from 40 feet below the hole.

Q. If you look at the leaderboard, there's a lot of guys who have been around a long time, a lot of guys in their 30s and above. Do you think this was more of a finesse-type golf course that's not really long? Is that an advantage to the guys who can use their experience and patience and all the stuff that goes into it?

LOREN ROBERTS: You've got to think your way around this golf course. Two practice rounds is not enough around this golf course and I think that's the most anybody has probably gotten here. You have to know where to miss the ball. I think half the pins out there today, you couldn't even shoot at them. You had to play below and to the correct side of them. So, this is a real thinking man's golf course around here. Like you say, it is not long, but it's nice to have some shorter irons into the longer holes. Great par 3s. Might be one of the best new golf courses I've seen come on the Tour in a long time.

Q. Is it perfect for your game?

LOREN ROBERTS: Well, you know, you can say that with the greens the way they are, you have to really be able to putt. I think that this is a ball-striker's golf course. I think you need to putt the ball in the right place to even have a chance to putt at it. You can hit it 10 feet from the hole all day and just be lagging all day. I think this is more of a ball-striker's golf course than a playing course.

Q. How many 1-putts did you have?

LOREN ROBERTS: I'd have to add them up. I don't know -- one, two, three, for, five, no putt, six, seven -- I think I had seven 1-putts today.

Q. Did you know how good this golf course was fit for your game before you got here?

LOREN ROBERTS: No. I had never seen it. I didn't know anything about it.

Q. So it was a pleasant surprise?

LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, it was a very nice surprise. It's an underrated driving golf course. You have to drive your ball good here. You've got to work it both ways off the tee. If you get in the rough, you have some real problems getting the ball on the green.

Q. Do you find these greens too severe?

LOREN ROBERTS: It depends on where you put the pin. If you put the pin in a realistic place, I mean, they are not severe. But if you start putting it on the sides of some of the hills, you can, you know, make it kind of playable. But that's up to the ground crew, the tournament staff. They can put the pins in places where it is very fair.

Q. Obviously, good putting helps anybody any week, but do you think this week with all of the talk about these greens, your ability to putt helps you even more?

LOREN ROBERTS: I think anywhere, a good putter is a match for anybody. I think you can play smart from the fairway here. And this is a speed-putting golf course. I think guys that get up and try and jam the ball in the hole are going to struggle. I think this is a golf course where you have to go out and play below the hole and concentrate on speed. If you try and roll the ball up around the hole, you are going to be a lot better off.

Q. Jonathan Kaye today said he loved the golf course, but that he thought they ought to blow up the 9th green. How do you feel about that green?

LOREN ROBERTS: That green is a little tough. But, you know, from the back right pin, I think they are going to putt it there tomorrow, I saw a dot out there. That is just a green where you have to hit it in the middle of the green, take your 2-putt from 30 feet and get out of there. That's just the way that hole plays. You know one or two holes like that, I think on a golf course are fine.

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