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February 1, 2017

Henrik Stenson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CLARE BODEL: Good morning, everyone. First interview this morning, we have our reigning Race to Dubai Champion, Henrik Stenson.

Henrik, you've played at this course so many times, this tournament so many times; you've lived in Dubai; what is it about this place that suits you?

HENRIK STENSON: I think it's obviously a golf course that suits my game. I won here in 2007 and had some other good finishes. So you've got to hit the fairways most of the times, if you don't like playing off the sand. So hitting fairways, that's something I normally do pretty well. Position yourself on the greens and then you've got to roll it in.

Yeah, it's a course that suits my game, but I think also having had Dubai as my base for ten years, I'm very familiar with the golf course. I played it many, many times, as you said, and just the feel of being home again, seeing the familiar faces, and it's always a great start-up for me in the season. Good practice, good weather, good food. There's a lot of positives coming here to the Middle East and starting off the year.

Q. Perhaps apart from Barsebäck, your home course in Sweden, is there any other course where you feel so special as you do here at Emirates Golf Club?
HENRIK STENSON: No, it's definitely one of my favourite courses to play. I think because of -- if we're getting technical, because of the routing that kind of goes into loops; no matter where, a slight change in wind direction gives you a totally different course. You have to pick different lines off the tee and certain holes play easier and harder.

So I think it's a course that I always enjoy playing it because it's always a little bit different from the previous days. It's a fun course to play and I've played it many, many times. It's definitely one of the courses in the world that I feel the most comfortable at.

Q. We've got a lot of your trophies on display out there. How does it make you feel when you see that display?
HENRIK STENSON: It gives a nice, warm feeling (laughter).

Coming off my best year, as you know, and yeah, it's very nice to see those achievements together with the Dubai Desert Classic trophy from '07. It just gives you a quick moment to reflect on a great year and so far a great career. So I'm very pleased with what I've managed to accomplish.

Q. When we spoke just before Abu Dhabi, you said that you hadn't had a chance to get working and practicing and stuff, but played pretty well in Abu Dhabi. Since then, have you been encouraged with that? Is that better than you imagined it was going to go?
HENRIK STENSON: It was for sure. I was probably the one that was most surprised with 8-under 64 on the Thursday morning, given how little time I spent preparing and how little time I had in Abu Dhabi to prepare.

So since then, I've had some time to work on my game. I've had parts of my team down here for a good few days, so yeah, I'm happy. It's always a work-in-progress with the game, as you know. It's always something to try and improve on and get better, so I've had a couple of good days work and it's heading in the right direction. I'm really happy with where I'm at with my game at the moment.

CLARE BODEL: Thank you, Henrik.

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