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January 29, 2017

Joakim Lagergren

Doha, Qatar

Q. Talk us through your take on that final playoff hole.
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, I was hitting a good drive out there. I had like 225 to the pin downwind. Hitting a 4-iron but didn't strike it well. Thinned it a little bit down in the bunker and it's a tough shot from there.

Q. What about your notions as you were forced to wait in the scorer's hut watching a couple of players to see if 16-under was going to be good enough?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, it was good enough but I didn't think so when I holed out actually. I thought 17 would be the mark. But got into a playoff and the rest is history.

Q. Great week for you nonetheless, though.
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Absolutely. Can't complain about the second place, but obviously a lot of disappointment right now.

Q. Just come up short. What are your thoughts today?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: I played really well today. I would have taken 6-under before the day, definitely. Played well. Lost in a playoff. Nothing to say about it really. I knew before I was hitting -- before we went to the tee box there, you need to make birdie here to win it. I was hitting 4-iron down in that bunker, so it's a tough shot from there.

Q. Conditions were really tough out there. Your birdies really got that momentum going into the back nine, didn't it?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Absolutely, yeah. I think I made five in a row out there. I played a lot of good golf, definitely.

Q. Game is clearly in very good shape. You must be quite confident going into Dubai next week.
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Absolutely, yeah. We'll try to get the trophy there this time.

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