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January 23, 2017

Gael Monfils

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

R. NADAL/G. Monfils

6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel you played tonight?
GAEL MONFILS: I had ups and downs, you know, in my game tonight. I think I really struggle with my return. Could not make enough return at the beginning of the match. So that was a little bit inconvenience.

Then I think I serve so-so, I think only 58% today. It would be a big help to have a better serve. I couldn't reach at the beginning all the spots, you know. Not much accuracy, you know.

So it was just a battle to get back. I was in shape in the match to get the momentum back. Somehow I find it back. Was much better.

Still, you know, even I was leading a little bit, you know, had a couple drops, then Rafa was for me different balls, redirect a little bit different.

It was tough for me to really find a good rhythm, you know, through a period of the match. And then I think I was much better at the end. Couldn't close it 4-3, 30-Love. Had an easy forehand. Well, look easy, but...

Obviously I think the legs wasn't so much. I was very straight. I think I could have one more step. I think I missed two, three forehands in a row. I could have one more steps. I think the legs was a bit too high. Could have done better.

Then Rafa fight, find the way, fight. I would say he is a true champion so he deserves the match.

Q. What's the most difficult thing about playing against Rafa?
GAEL MONFILS: I don't know. It's like everything, you know. I think he's playing great. He's great returner. Tonight serve okay. I think 72%, something like that. Obviously I couldn't return. I saw that he was serving not bad.

Redirect the shot very good. Good defender. You know, yeah, he's on top of the game.

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