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November 29, 2000

Pete Sampras


MODERATOR: Questions for Pete.

Q. That was a bit better?

PETE SAMPRAS: Just found the range today, especially from the back court. Felt like I knew where the ball was going today, compared to yesterday. You know, my goal today was to come out with a good attitude and try to put what happened yesterday behind me. Obviously, I didn't have a good night's sleep, you're just tossing and turning, kind of just humiliated out there. Today I just played a little more with a purpose, tried to come in a little bit, you know, served and volleyed very well, just a different person, different player. So it was a good one to get through.

Q. What did you and Paul talk about on the practice court?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, obviously, he said, "Just be positive. You know, you've been in this position before. You've got to go out and try to put what happened behind you." That's all you can really do, just go out and try my best, hopefully get my game going. I know it just takes some time. You don't like to lose 5 and Love to lose a match to start it out. Today I just felt, win or lose today, I just wanted to feel like I was finding my range and making him work, you know, making -- you know, play the way I normally play - and I did.

Q. Andre said yesterday that the balls get very heavy very quickly. Do you agree with that?


Q. Would you say it's slow conditions?

PETE SAMPRAS: Well, the court is the same as it always is. The balls seem like they're a little bit softer and heavier. Playing someone like Alex, who hits the ball with a lot of spin, the balls were getting very big. It's tough to serve, tough to put the ball away. The conditions are much heavier than previous years. I obviously agree with him a hundred percent.

Q. Now Safin is going to be the next match. How is it going to be?

PETE SAMPRAS: I hope he doesn't play like he did at The Open where he was pretty much in the zone. You know, he'll come out very relaxed. He's got the No. 1 wrapped up. But you always remember your losses, especially that loss was, you know, a big match like that, I never played anyone that played that well for that long. I feel good. I feel like I have to worry about my game, what I'm going to try to do out there. He's obviously got the tools to be a great champion. He already is a champion. It won't be an easy match.

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