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January 25, 2017

David Goffin

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


6-3, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think made the biggest difference in this match today?
DAVID GOFFIN: I think it was not easy. We both physically were really, really good. He was on every ball. It was tough to play fast. I tried to play really fast from both side to make him run, but he was on every ball. He used his slice really well.

So, yeah, he played a really good match. He was really solid. He served better, much better than I did. I didn't serve really well today.

But, yeah, it was not easy to finish the point. I didn't find a way to finish the point or to go to the net. He was really solid.

Q. You've played him before once. He's obviously had a great start to the year, winning Brisbane. What do you think the biggest improvement you see in his game is?
DAVID GOFFIN: I think it's mentally. He was there all the time. He didn't miss any ball. He was just really solid on his baseline. He moves really well.

Then when he had some opportunity just to come to the net, he was really, really precise. He came with his forehand. He has a good volley. He was, first of all, really solid. Then when he had the short ball, he came in with the good precision.

That was a good match, I think, for him. But his improvement is mentally. Last few months he proved that mentally he was much better than in the past. He didn't give any points. He was really solid. So I think that's his biggest improvement.

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